Young Common meets Old Wealth: Art & Heritage

DESIblitz teams up with three young artists to present the ‘Young Common meets Old Wealth’ project that explores heritage, roots and culture.

Young Common meets Old Wealth: Art & Heritage

"This documentary will tell the story of these Asian communities"

The Young Common meets Old Wealth is an exciting new project looking at different South Asian heritages and cultures.

DESIblitz has teamed up with three mesmerising artists who have interviewed members of the public from South Asian backgrounds around the question of what commonwealth means to them.

They will be using their craft to really hone in on their findings.

The first of these artists is Mahtab Hussain. The portrait photographer is of Pakistani origin and his work, which comments on cultural differences, is well-known within the British artistic landscape.

Rupinder Kaur, who is of Punjabi origin will also take part in the project. Birmingham-born Rupinder is a fantastically gifted poet whose pieces liberate the soul.

Lastly, but certainly not least, is Bangladeshi multi-disciplinary artist, Waheeda Rahman-Mair. She uses a range of mediums from 2D animations to paintings to create engaging narratives.

Young Common meets Old Wealth: Art & Heritage

Working directly with the artists, DESIblitz with its production team has been documenting some of the processes of the project.

However, other parts of the whole collective include researchers and film-making volunteers from the community.

These individuals have helped develop storyboards as well as assisted in content creation, ideas and editing. It’s a truly inclusive and spirited project.

This group represents a community of common characteristics and interests. Their participation in producing the film is a key aspect of co-design.

It’s very important for British Asians to explore their heritage and identity.

But equally, speaking to others in their communities will discover new and fresh perceptions of the Commonwealth.

This is why working with Mahtab, Rupinder and Waheeda is so pivotal. Their backgrounds and disciplines are so different but their extraordinary cultural roots are still closely connected.

This documentary will tell the story of these Asian communities and experiences through the lens of the artist.

It will not only absorb the artists’ emotions through their creativity but also whether those in similar circumstances have the same or contrasting perceptions of the world.

Young Common meets Old Wealth: Art & Heritage

Each artist has worked closely with members of their community. There will be conversations and discussions for the “young to meet old”.

Fusing both South Asian and Commonwealth heritages, Young Common meets Old Wealth aims to empower these artists and Birmingham neighbourhoods.

With the support of DESIblitz, all these creatives have produced a work of art based on the findings within their communities.

This unique formula of working shows how we can increase knowledge and awareness of the wider Bangladeshi, Pakistani and Indian people, as well as other audiences.

Young Common meets Old Wealth: Art & Heritage

The whole project is inspired by the 2022 Commonwealth Games, and the legacy it presents.

The Young Common meets Old Wealth theme is vital to see how our young and old generations view the society they’re a part of.

This is a fantastic tool for showing the differences between the three core Asian cultures of Britain.

Additionally, the project’s participants have experienced a broad range of skills in research, digital video, and content creation.

The finished works of art and the short documentary will be freely shown within Birmingham using the DESIblitz Truck Art Bus.

Young Common meets Old Wealth: Art & Heritage

Locations include Handsworth, Smethwick, Small Heath and Sparkbrook and the date for this presentation will be on September 24, 2022.

Below are the times and duration that the truck art will be in each location. By clicking on the area, you will find the exact location the truck will stop:

We look forward to meeting and seeing some of you there!

Watch our interviews with the commissioned artists:


Birmingham 2022 Festival presents a Creative City Project generously funded by Birmingham City Council.

Young Common meets Old Wealth: Art & Heritage






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