US Indian Eatery selling ‘Dosa’ as ‘Crepe’ sparks Uproar

A US-based restaurant has come under the radar of netizens after the classic names of idli and dosa were given an American twist.

US Indian Eatery selling ‘Dosa’ as ‘Crepe’ sparks Uproar - f

"Why can't they use the original names?"

A picture of a US-based Indian eatery’s menu is going viral due to the names of a few classic South Indian dishes sold at the place.

Shared by a Twitter user, the menu shows the names of the dishes and a small description, along with the price.

People couldn’t wrap their heads around the twist given to the names of the dishes, and you may feel the same way too.

A Twitter user, who goes by @inika__, posted the image.

The picture shows the “All Day Breakfast” menu where idli is listed as “Dunked Doughnut Delight” and the description explains that the dish consists of “two deep fried savoury doughnuts dipped in lentil soup.”

The dish is priced at $16.49.

What left people even more puzzled is the name given to plain dosa. It is called “Naked Crepe.”

The description explains that it is a “Crisp rice batter crepe served with a lentil soup, a tangy tomato and classic coconut relish.”

According to the Twitter picture that dish is priced at around $17.59.

According to Grubhub, an American food ordering and delivery platform, the restaurant is called Indian Crepe Co.

Besides a few varieties of dosa, idli, and vada, they also sell sweets like Gulab Jamun and Rasmalai. It is located in Washington’s Bellevue.

While replying to the tweet, another user of the micro-blogging platform who goes by @rapidsnail shared an image of a few more dishes on the list.

“There’s more,” they wrote and posted:

The tweet and the reply both prompted people to share various kinds of replies.

“Omfg is Rs1300 for a plate of Vada. For as much my whole joint family can eat Medu Vada in India,” wrote a Twitter user.

“Why can’t they use the original names? Other things can be given in the explanation. Sushi is called sushi everywhere and not ‘Raw boneless fish chunks wrapped in celery’,” shared another.

“Like Dosa, idli, and vada could be that much harder to pronounce,” expressed a third with a facepalm emoticon.

Another echoed the sentiment and wrote:

“If Indians can pronounce croissant and bouillabaisse, western people can pronounce dosa, medu wada and idli.”

Dosa, the South Indian food staple, has been linked with awkward trends on social media of late, starting from being dipped in a ton of cheese to being clubbed with ice creams.

This has also been culturally appropriated similarly to Desi roti which is usually referred to as versions of ‘pancakes’ or ‘bread’ or ‘crepe’ by people who are not familiar with local names.

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