TV Actress Malvi Malhotra attacked for Refusing Marriage Proposal

Indian television actress Malvi Malhotra was viciously attacked with a knife by an ex-lover whom she refused to marry.

TV Actress Malvi Malhotra attacked for Refusing Marriage Proposal f

"My dad has told me to learn self-defence"

Indian television actress, Malvi Malhotra was stabbed by a jilted lover after she refused to marry him.

On October 26 2020, at around 9.00 pm in the late evening, it’s alleged that in the Versova area of Andheri in India, Yogesh Mahipal Singh stabbed Malvi three times with a knife.

According to a police official, the accused attacked the actress when she was returning from a cafe. Singh who was in a car at the time, stopped Malvi on her way back home. He then quizzed her as to why she had stopped talking to him.

This encounter escalated into an argument between them. Singh then took a knife out and stabbed Malvi in the stomach and slashed both of her hands before he quickly fled after the attack.

Malvi who comes from Himachal Pradesh originally has worked in several television shows and a few Bollywood movies.

After the attack Malvi was then taken to Kokilaben hospital in Andheri.

It’s reported that Malvi told the police that she had known the accused for the past year and he wanted to marry her, but she declined the offer.

Malvi who was subsequently discharged from hospital, opened up about her traumatic experience and impact it has had on her and her parents.

She says her father told her that she cannot live in fear all of her life. Talking to the Times of India she said:

“Fear toh hai. Aagey bohot precautions lekar chalna hai. Par main apni zindagi darr ke nahi jee sakti (Fear does exit and I will need to proceed with care and take precautions but I can’t live my life being fearful.).

“I have to be brave. My dad has told me to learn self-defence so that I am better prepared to face any untoward incident and take care of myself.

“I want to be physically strong so that I am able to fight if anything unfortunate happens. I pity the person who did this to me. It shows his criminal mind.”

TV Actress Malvi Malhotra attacked for Refusing Marriage Proposal - pose

The attack has introduced worry for her parents, especially because these kind of incidents are not so common in Mumbai. But it’s clear that her parents will not come in the way of her career and work. She added:

“My parents won’t stop me from working. they have told me that you should be safe but not scared. My father told me:

‘We wont stop you from working, but we want your security. Darr ke mat jiyo (Don’t live in fear), but at the same time, apni security bhi rakhna bohot zaroori hai (But maintaining your security is important too)’.

“They just want me to be safe and don’t want me to move out alone.”

“Even the police have offered to provide me with security for two months till the case is going on.”

Malvi also praised the doctors who performed two surgeries on her to save her little finger, further to the vicious attack on her hand.

Mumbai police successfully located the attacker Singh soon after. They found him injured in a hall and was taken to hospital in Vasai in the neighbouring Palghar district under police supervision.

He was questioned by police in hospital. It is believed that he tried to commit suicide after he attacked Malvi Malhotra, but this has not been confirmed by police.

After the attack, the accused fled in his car. A police official said that on Tuesday, the accused was found in a hospital in Vasai where a team of Versova police went and questioned him.

Police have registered an FIR against the accused under various Indian Penal Code sections including 307 for attempted murder.

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