Top Bridal Make-Up Tips

Brides worldwide will do whatever it takes to look their best on the most important day of their lives, their Wedding Day! DESIblitz have all the bridal make-up tips and tricks to ensure you look as beautiful and glamorous as possible.

Bridal Make-up Tips

Afraid of wearing red? Don’t be! Anyone can pull off a red lip colour really well.

No bride-to-be wants to risk the most important day of her life with make-up that could make her look too plastic or too plain; and take away from that one day she will undoubtedly remember for the rest of her life.

There are lots of bridal make-up tips on what you can do to stay picture perfect and glow like a princess on your special day.

One of the most important things about your wedding day is that you look like yourself. So if you don’t wear makeup very often, now is the right time to start.

Make-upFor the face; pick a dewy, long-wear foundation and touch up with powder throughout the day. Test different foundations and see which suits you the best and lasts the longest.

For the eyes; the smoky eye effect is great – but don’t overdo it, you don’t want to look like a panda. When done right it flaunts a mysterious gaze with that added touch of glamour.

Smoky eyes can look great on your wedding day. It is a beautiful bridal makeup technique as it exhibits enigmatic beauty with an added pinch of glamour.

It’s important to remember that the ‘smoky’ technique is not restricted in colour. You can achieve a beautiful smoky eye with all colours of eye shadows such as brown, purple, grey, blue and pink.


  • Learn to love bright lips
  • Go ahead and be messy with eyeliner
  • Match your foundation to your collarbone, NOT your jawline.

Smoky EyesFor an even more charming look, you can enhance your brows with a touch of powder or liner, and false lashes are a must! That is what will make all the difference in your photographs.

For girls who would like to pair vintage with modern to make a statement of their own, Retro Glam wedding make-up is indeed the most apt way to showcase classic beauty with sophistication.

To achieve this:

Leave the skin slightly dewy to create a clean, almost porcelain base. Add a smoky eye look, using earth tones and taupe shadows. Mini lashes add extra emphasis to the eye area whilst still looking subtle. Finish off with a bold, red lip and make everyone gasp!

The retro glam makeup trend is extremely versatile and customisable!


  • For luminous skin eat healthy and drink lots of water
  • Exercise is imperative when it comes to your glow
  • Give yourself a natural skin facial every week

Another hot trend in the list is incorporating the wedding accent colours into the bridal makeup.

By merely adding a touch of colour in the inner section or the outer corner of the eye can create a beautiful look. These colours can also be aesthetically used as a liner in a deeper shade and smudging it a little around the lash line.

You can even team a basic creamy foundation with a bold berry-stained lip. This natural yet vibrant look will definitely keep all eyes on you.

Makeup trends

The clean-eyed, bronze-lipped make-up look is super-flattering. However, this make-up trend can work particularly well for an autumn wedding.

If you plan on a sleek up-do, go for a heavy liquid line on the upper lids teamed with a soft creamy shadow that works extremely well with glossy nude lips.

In case you are braving a slicked-back hairstyle, you should ideally go for a bold pink lip and complimentary blusher.

Choose a blusher that suits your natural skin tone – after all, you want to be the blushing bride, not the flushing bride.


  • For last minute body fixes for brides sweat it out: Yoga, gym, or even a morning jog
  • Sleep well
  • Stress less
  • Liquid calories: try a detox diet before the BIG day

Afraid of wearing red? Don’t be! Anyone can pull off a red lip colour really well. All you need to do is apply a matching lip liner all over your lips first, to make sure the colour stays put.

If you are planning on an outdoors wedding, a touch of colour on the eyes will definitely work well.

For a more detailed and wide-eyed look, confine mascara and liner to the upper eyelid.

Just before the BIG day, do have a make-up trial so you can see how your make up lasts and also do take a picture so you can see how the flash works against your skin.

Follow these simple TIPS and you will be sure to dazzle and turn heads on your BIG day!

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Ashima is a tutor in Fashion and Media Make-Up at Pearl Academy and works as a freelance make-up artist and hairstylist. She is in constant search for more knowledge to grow as an individual. Her motto: “Think big and dream bigger.”