Throats Slit of 4 Indian Sisters & Mother is Prime Suspect

A mother has been booked for brutally splitting the throats of her four daughters in Haryana on November 27, 2020.

Throats Slit of 4 Indian Sisters & Mother is Prime Suspect f

"Khurshid blames his wife’s action on the lack of a male progeny."

Four Indian sisters, the youngest an eight-month-old toddler and the oldest just seven, were found murdered on Friday, November 27, 2020.

A woman is believed to have slit the throats of her four daughters before trying to kill herself in Piproli village in Haryana’s Nuh.

The Haryana police became aware of the incident from a complaint from the woman’s husband.

The father, Khurshid, aged 38, said he returned home in the early hours of Thursday, November 26, 2020, to find his wife, Farmina, lying in a pool of blood writhing in pain.

While his four daughters six-year-old Muskan, Miskina aged 4, Alshifa aged 3, and eight-month-old Arbina lay nearby with their throats slit.

The mother of the girls is alive but critical and is currently undergoing treatment at that Shahid Hasan Khan Hospital.

The gory crime took place in a single-room house in a crowded neighbourhood.

Most of the 600 families that stay in the village share a wall in the neighbourhood, yet cries of the children strangely went unheard.

Police investigation wielded that Farmeena has a daughter from a previous marriage.

Khurshid had just sent this daughter away to her maternal uncle a month ago despite his wife’s objections.

The wife, Farmina, is also believed to have accused her husband of threatening to kill her, police sources said.

The couple has been married for eight years.

Police said the mother has been booked for murder.

Vivek Chaudhary, Deputy Superintendent of Police, Punhana has said:

“Khurshid blames his wife’s action on the lack of a male progeny.”

He also said a kitchen knife was used to slit the children’s throats while they were still asleep.

Chaudhary said:

“We are speaking to family and neighbours who are hinting at the frustration of not bearing a male child as the key motive.”

On the day of the incident, several villagers had gathered to mourn the death of three members of a family, including a pregnant woman, in a road accident.

Khurshid has said in his statement:

“Some of us had gone to the house of the deceased while my wife and children were at home.

“Around 3 am, I returned to the house but found that it was locked from the inside.

“Despite repeated knocks, no one opened. I looked through the ventilation window and saw my wife trying to slit her throat.”

After Khurshid raised the alarm, his neighbours and his brother’s family, which lives on the adjacent plot, rushed to the spot.

Khurshid’s nephew Sabir Khan, a truck driver, broke open the gate.

Khan recounted in his statement:

“Farmina was slitting her throat while the children were lying in a pool of blood on two cots.

“I was too shocked to react initially, but then snatched the knife from her and threw it out.

“I then called a relative and we took her to the hospital.”

SP (Nuh) Narender Birjania said, “It is not yet clear what led to the killing of the children.

“We are waiting for the woman to record her statement. She is unfit to do so right now.”

On the basis of Khurshid’s complaint, a case has been registered against Farmina at the Punhana police station under IPC (Indian Penal Code) Section 302 (murder).

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