The Indian Skincare Startup focusing on ‘Ditching Toxicity’

Hottest Ex, a new skincare startup, works to encourage consumers to ditch everything toxic and feel confident in their own skin.

The Indian Skincare Startup focusing on 'Ditching Toxicity' f

"our products aim to inspire customers"

An Indian skincare startup is on a mission to “ditch toxicity” and promote more sustainable beauty products.

Hottest Ex, a skincare brand launched by beauty and lifestyle product company Prove The Point, wants to raise awareness of skin-damaging chemicals in products.

The brand launched in February 2021, and now produces eco-conscious and cruelty-free products.

Hottest Ex’s aim is to encourage consumers to “break ties with everything toxic”, and focus more on taking care of themselves and their skin.

They also want to help consumers adopt a healthier lifestyle, which will lead to healthier skin.

Speaking of their brand’s philosophy, Prove The Point’s Managing Partner Rakesh Krishnotula said:

“We want to encourage people to ditch toxicity and take care of themselves and their skin.

“Apart from toxic skincare products, skincare problems also occur due to toxic lifestyles and negative visions of self.

“Our philosophy at Hottest Ex is not only about breaking ties with everything toxic, but also with the ‘ex-you’ that puts up with it.

“Hence, our products aim to inspire customers to switch to healthy lifestyles and feel confident in their own skin.”

According to Rakesh Krishnotula, skincare consumers are becoming more informed, and spend more time researching what goes into products before buying.

This inspired Hottest Ex to invest in organic, sustainable and natural ingredients for their products.

The Indian Skincare Startup focusing on 'Ditching Toxicity' - skincare

Krishnotula added:

“Consumers now select brands that align with their personalities.

“Apart from chemical toxicity, the beauty industry has always set unrealistic beauty standards that are emotionally toxic.

“We aspire to change this notion with Hottest Ex.

“We’re not telling you how you should be, instead we encourage you to become the best version of your own self.”

Since launching in February 2021, Hottest Ex has invested more than £34,000 into manufacturing natural and sustainable products.

The brand now has a 40-member team that works together to release their four signature products, while working on others in the meantime.

Hottest Ex’s four main skincare products, suitable for all skin types, are:

  • Antiversary – a super exfoliant that aims to clear acne.
  • Ghosted – a superfood biome mask to give a natural glow.
  • Closure – a hydrating mask that brightens the skin.
  • Manicorn – a glow water containing antioxidants that rejuvenate the skin from within.

According to Rakesh Krishnotula, all Hottest Ex’s products contain naturally sourced ingredients and have no harsh chemicals.

The products are targeted primarily at consumers aged between 20 and 35, who value both their appearance and themselves.

Krishnotula believes it is Hottest Ex’s dedication to self-care that sets the brand apart. He said:

“The brand promotes a culture of self-care with superior quality products, consumer engagement, and experience strategy, moving away from conventional skincare that focuses on outward functional benefits.”

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Images courtesy of Hottest Ex Instagram

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