Sunny Leone reveals Heartbreak during Surrogacy Process

Sunny Leone candidly revealed that she felt absolutely “heartbroken” amidst her challenging surrogacy which “wasn’t going as planned”.

Sunny Leone reveals Heartbreak during Surrogacy Process - f

“You feel like a failure"

Sunny Leone, who welcomed twin boys Noah and Asher through surrogacy and adopted a girl named Nisha, talked about having three children in a short period of time.

The actress revealed that surrogacy “wasn’t going as planned”, which made her and her husband Daniel Weber explore adoption.

Sunny Leone recently talked about the process of surrogacy, which took around a year and a half and how at one point, it was “really heartbreaking”.

As a result, she and Daniel decided to register for adoption.

Sunny Leone said: “We were going through the process of surrogacy, which takes a long time.

“It took about a year-and-a-half from start to finish and during that time, before we decided ‘hey, why don’t we just adopt?’, surrogacy wasn’t going as planned.

“We had six eggs – four girls and two boys.

“In America, you know the gender and you can do genetic testing and all that kind of stuff. That’s in the US, not here.

“So we did IVF and the girls didn’t turn into a baby, so that was really heartbreaking.

“You feel like a failure, you feel so low and so upset about it.”

Sunny Leone revealed that she and Daniel Weber visited St Catherine’s Home, an orphanage in Mumbai, around this time.

She said: “We went there and we were seeing all these babies and I was like, ‘Why can’t we just adopt a baby? What is the difference? She is still ours.

“We are not connected genetically but we will be connected through our heart.”

“So, that process started. Because that other process was not working, this process is a ‘what if’ as well.

“It takes a little bit of time, a lot of paperwork, a lot of due diligence.

“Then we found out we were having twin boys and a little girl all in the same week. We call that God’s plan.”

Sunny and Daniel’s daughter Nisha Kaur Weber is six years old, while their sons Noah and Asher Singh Weber are three.

In other news, the Bollywood actress recently came under fire for her appearance in the music video for ‘Madhuban’.

Right-wing demonstrators set fire to posters of Sunny Leone on December 28, 2021, and demanded that the music video be removed from YouTube.

Sunny Leone was accused of hurting religious sentiments as social media users said that the title ‘Madhuban’ mocks the sacred place of Assam.

Saregama, the music label behind ‘Madhuban’, released a statement in which they said that the company will change the lyrics.

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