Spring/Summer 2014 Trends for Women

Spring/Summer is approaching and once again the trends are setting in. DESIblitz has your guide to all the sizzling favourites of the warm seasons to come.

Trends for women

Fashion has decided to become more daring with its bold colours and wild prints.

It’s nearly that time of year again, time to put our parkas, boots and cable knits all the way to the back of the wardrobe and bring out the sunglasses and flip flops. It’s time to make the most of what is Britain’s summer!

DESIblitz is here to take you through 2014’s hottest new trends – from the inspiration of big designers to high street alternatives.

What are the trends we should look forward to this season and what is ruling fashion for spring/summer 2014? From styles to colours, to statement pieces, DESIblitz has your essential guide to the latest fashion trends for women.

Print Parade

Trends for womenStatement prints overtook the runway this season. Whilst Celine was approaching bold monochromes, Michael Kors represented the ‘40/70’s’ through their softer floral prints.

This inspiration is now taking over high street stores all over Britain and we are certainly beginning to feel the excitement of the Spring/Summer arrival.

Although the winter months included aztecs, chequered and animal prints, the fashion industry can’t seem to get enough and so the trends are continuing through to Spring/Summer 2014.

One prominent pattern that has flourished in stores is the new adventurous monochrome, fashion has decided to become more daring with its bold colours and wild prints.

However, Spring/Summer is still very much in love with its original softer floral prints. They are usually found in softer, pastel colours, inspired by the season itself.

The floral print always seems to make an appearance during this season, and perhaps it’s simply because spring and summer represent the blooming of flowers and fresh colours.


Trends for womenPastel shades are a must have this season! They ruled the runways for Spring 2014 and added that ever so feminine touch. Nudes, mints, pinks, baby blues, greys and whites all represent the sweetness of summer.

These soft, natural colours look flattering from top to bottom and designer brands sure know how to pull them off.

Alexander Wang, Ted Baker, Balenciaga and Antonio Berardi all showcased stunning pastel pieces.

Sheer has also been a prominent trend on the catwalk, Burberry paired a pastel lace shirt with a skirt undercut by a sheer fabric – and these trends are all over the high-street, check out Topshop or Missguided to get the high-street take on this Burberry look.

The Kimono

Trends for womenThe ‘kimono’ originates from the traditional Japanese garment that is usually T-shaped, straight lined robes worn on special occasions and ceremonies.

Now they are taking over our high street stores as a new fashion statement for Spring/Summer 2014. Designers have cleverly put a twist on the oriental garment making it the perfect staple piece this summer.

Not only is the kimono practical for summer but it can be worn with literally anything; Dresses, t-shirts, blouses, skirts – you name it. It’ll give your jeans and vest the funk it needs in the day, but paired with some heels and a clutch it can provide you with a classy look for the evening.

L’Wren Scott, a New York fashion designer, has been inspired by the Japanese kimono and has managed to create modern interpretations of the garment for her Spring 2014 collection.

The kimono isn’t just a designer luxury, the high-street is picking up relatively quick on this trend, Check out Boohoo and Asos to pick up your own kimono and look sizzling hot this summer.

The Statement Necklace

Trends for womenThe statement necklace is the accessory of the season, and it can be found in a large range of styles. If you fancy the gold chain look or want to go for a more done up embellished necklace, there is a style for every preference.

The great thing about statement necklaces is that they can completely transform the look of an outfit and they can be used to create so many different looks! One of the current favourites this season is the embellished necklace in bright colours.

Not only does it give a pop of colour to your outfit but it also has the ability to turn your day time outfit into something you can wear on a night out – it’s that simple! It is so easy to style and interchangeable, it is definitely one of the many hip trends of this year.

So there you have it, DESIblitz has handpicked all the hottest trends this season. From prints to colours, to must-have statement pieces – the Spring/Summer 2014 guide to all your latest fashion trends.

If you shop around online and on the high-street you will surely find these trends plastered everywhere. Have fun with it and explore the trends, you still have some time before Britain’s summer really kicks in.

Mariam is an undergraduate student studying Classical Civilisations. She loves anything creative, reading, loves to travel, socialise and most importantly shop! Her motto is: “The best is yet to come!”

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