Highlights of London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014

September 2013 saw the return of the much anticipated London Fashion Week (LFW) at Somerset House. With the best designers and clothing that the world has ever seen, LFW was a fashionista’s dream.

London Fashion Week Burberry

“We have some of the finest talent in fashion’s history from this very country.”

London Fashion Week (LFW) is perhaps one of the most prominent events on any designer-loving-fashionista’s calendar. It is the equivalent to popular fashion weeks held by the world’s remaining fashion capitals: New York, Milan and Paris.

Open to the general public, the fashion event regularly craves media attention and associates itself with some of the biggest names in fashion and the celebrity sphere.

Taking place between September 13 and 17, 2013, much of the support came from British celebrities: Sienna Miller, Ellie Goulding and Pixie Lott were all on board to cheer on British fashion.

From Tom Ford to Vivienne Westwood, the catwalk boasted hot new fashion trends from some of the world’s most reputable designers. Sparkling sequins to floral prints – almost anything and everything was on the agenda for this year’s LFW.

Day 1

London Fashion Week

With the public queuing in the rain, the show had to be worth the wait. With months, days, and hours of planning, the first day of London Fashion Week had finally arrived.

The beginning of the week started with a blast as designers such as Fyodor Golan exposed their Spring/Summer 2014 collection. The garments on show oozed summer charm as pastel colours were the designer’s ultimate colour palette.

The designer fused elegance with feathers, ruffles and sweater styles to produce something unimaginable. Certain aspects of Golan’s collection could be perceived as an explosion of creativity whilst others were more subtle everyday wear. The designer was also a big fan of high necklines and transparent skirts.

Designers alike showcased similar styles as see-through materials and ruffles were common amongst other collections. Felder and Felder were big fans of net and billowing silhouettes. Blues, barely blacks and whites were the designers’ favourite shades.

Day 2

Ashish Gupta

With a great start to the week, day 2 had to be even bigger and better. Celebrities and familiar faces that attended the event complemented the designers and their collections. Television presenter, Jameela Jamil said: “We have some of the finest talent in fashion’s history from this very country.”

To prove her right, designers were all set to showcase their creativity and talent. Julien Macdonald’s collection astounded the audience as his warrior-like embellishments and red carpet wear had graced the catwalk again and again.

Pixie Lott had already dubbed Julien’s collection as ‘performance wear’ – and it was exactly that! The show-stopping collection teased the audience with nude colours, risqué cuts and plunging necklines, and that left them wanting more.

In contrast to Macdonald, Zoë Jordan’s collection was a little less glamorous and exposed the ‘female with an edge’. For the streetwise, confident city chick, Zoë created ensembles with graffiti art at the forefront of her designs. Her collection was bold and spoke for itself. Her colour palette was minimal with reds, blacks and whites dominating her collection.

Ashish Gupta, the only British-Asian designer showcasing his designs at Somerset House played around with sequins and all things sparkly for his latest collection.

His collection included menswear, which is very rare for designers at LFW—those too were covered with glitz and glamour, but luckily Ashish pulled it off!

Day 3

Mulberry London Fashion Week

Top British model, Cara Delevingne also joined the catwalk to help showcase designer brands. She was spotted strutting in well-renowned fashion label, Mulberry. Mulberry also incorporated a fun and light-hearted feel to their show, as models were walking dogs up and down the catwalk as their very own mascots! The British label played around with soft colours, all adding a ladylike touch to the collection.

Greek designer, Mary Katrantzou’s unimaginable designs looked like they were manufactured from out of space. Her hyperrealist collection rocked the metal stage and backdrop. Although the prints were a little eccentric they were nonetheless wearable and definitely workable. Mary’s collection worked with an array of colours, from deep purple to pink.

Actress Sienna Miller quoted London as the ‘epicentre of fashion’, and this week it certainly was!

Day 4

Burberry London Fashion Week

LFW was almost coming to a close, but that didn’t stop the huge hype and excitement before each show. And for once, the weather was on board too!

Celebrities like Harry Styles and the Beckhams were out and about on day 4 to watch the catwalk as Burberry, Christopher Kane and other designers put on a show.

Christopher Kane’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection endorsed metallic dresses and unusual peardrop shaped cuts. The collection made the audience feel the immediate presence of Spring as greens, whites and lilacs dominated the show.

Pixie Geldoff was in awe of the collection as she referred to Kane as a ‘complete genius’. It was fair to say that he was exactly that as he implemented cut out shapes and intricate designs wherever he could!

Burberry also worked with Spring shades, green, white and lilac whilst also revamping nude garments with embellishments and sparkly waistlines. Burberry created outfits for the day and night; light and pastel shades were set for daytime glamour, whilst sequins and embellishments welcomed evening/night style.

Day 5

Fashion East London Fashion Week

The final day of LFW wrapped the week up in appropriate style.

Anya Hindmarch’s collection was definitely one of the must see shows of the entire week. Innovative, fun and a high level of creativity was one way of summing up the show. The show involved floating handbags and models walking in the air.

Stella McCartney’s adidas collection was equally unusual. The typical block colours were exchanged for daisy and marble prints. The new look added a feminine feel to the sportswear collection in addition to the choice of colours: burgundy, baby blues and oranges.

It was clear to see that this year’s LFW had transformed the fashion-obsessed woman; from sequins to sporting jumpers, the collections on show were a mix of elegance and attitude.

With interest from around the globe, the atmosphere at London Fashion Week was definitely buzzing. The week has served its purpose, as international orders are set to strengthen the economy once again. All that is left is to look ahead to LFW 2014!

Jinal is studying English with Creative Writing at the University of Birmingham. She enjoys spending time with friends and family. She has a passion for writing and aspires to be an editor in the near future. Her motto is ‘It’s impossible to fail, as long as you never quit.’

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