Sidhu Moose Wala’s ‘Drippy’ takes Punjabi Music by Storm

Sidhu Moose Wala’s sixth posthumous track ‘Drippy’ has already taken the Punjabi music world by storm, blending a variety of genres.

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"See he had a plan."

The Punjabi music scene has been taken by storm as the late Sidhu Moose Wala’s posthumous track ‘Drippy’ has been released.

It is Sidhu’s sixth posthumous track after the likes of ‘SYL’, ‘Vaar‘ and ‘Watch Out’.

The song also features Mxrci and AR Paisley.

Sidhu and AR Paisley penned the lyrics while the late Punjabi star composed ‘Drippy’.

Mxrci added his musical vision to create a track that has taken inspiration from different genres.

Opening with a night vision style, the music video features a gathering with cars drifting.

The bass immediately drops, with an aggressive style that seems to have been inspired by drill music.

Sidhu then comes into the fore, performing with his signature sound while Punjabi folk tunes are blended with popular rap beats.

This hybrid style of music has been embraced by audiences of all ages and backgrounds in both India and abroad.

As Sidhu Moose Wala’s unique yet familiar tone continues, the music video features two gun-wielding men, imagery that is distinctive of drill music.

Sidhu’s lyrics are delivered with energy and aggression as his hook fades and AR Paisley’s feature arrives.

The Canadian rapper begins: “See he had a plan.”

As it ventures more into hip-hop, AR Paisley’s delivery is effortless, seamlessly flowing as his rap appears to pay tribute to the late Sidhu, detailing a fast rise to success and a death.

Sidhu returns for the hook and it is just as catchy as the first time before ‘Drippy’ ends with the sound of gunshots.

Since being released, fans have been going wild for ‘Drippy’.

Paying tribute to the late star, one commented:

“Legends never die.”

Another who had never listened to Sidhu Moose Wala was in awe of the song:

“My first time listening to this guy. He sounds great, Who is he, he is blowing up in America.”

One listener highlighted what the song is about:

“Once upon a time, a young boy named Shubhdeep was suffering from life, now he is Sidhu Moose Wala who is suffering from success.”

Within six hours of release, ‘Drippy’ has over 2.4 million views on YouTube.

‘Drippy’ is signature of Sidhu Moose Wala’s style as he typically blended traditional Punjabi sounds while utilising more modern techniques like autotune.

This allows him to effortlessly bridge the gap between old and new, bringing together two distinct cultures to create something entirely fresh yet familiar at the same time.

His lyrics often address issues of social inequality and injustices, creating a powerful connection between his listeners regardless of their backgrounds.

Sidhu tragically passed away in May 2022 when he was shot dead by gunmen in Punjab’s Mansa.

Some of the gunmen have been apprehended but nearly two years on, the orchestrator of the murder has not been identified.

Although he has passed away, his music continues to live on and posthumous releases are ongoing.

Listen to ‘Drippy’


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