Ali Zafar once again the Voice of PSL-9?

After being dropped from the PSL-9 anthem, Ali Zafar is reported to be back on board due to a change in upper management.

Ali Zafar dropped from PSL Anthem over Harassment Allegations f

"the whole of Pakistan wants to see Ali Zafar in the anthem.”

Ali Zafar recently revealed his exclusion from creating the anthem for Pakistan Super League (PSL) season 9.

This happened despite his initial involvement and investment in producing different versions of the anthem.

He was reportedly disengaged due to pressure from a franchise owner based on harassment allegations.

However, recent changes in upper management and a belief in Ali’s innocence have reignited the buzz surrounding a potential return.

This would mark his comeback to PSL after a six-year hiatus.

The revelation of Ali Zafar’s exclusion from the PSL anthem creation process had raised eyebrows.

People questioned the decision in light of his previous contributions to the league’s musical identity.

Ali Zafar shared that despite being considered for the anthem, he found himself sidelined.

This left fans in anticipation of a potential reunion with the PSL anthem tradition.

The turning point came with a recent shift in upper management’s perspective on Ali Zafar’s eligibility for the anthem creation.

It is reported that Zafar has been cleared by the courts, maintaining his innocence and respectability until proven otherwise.

This has sparked speculation among fans that the singer may make a triumphant return to the PSL anthem scene.

Those who have long associated Ali Zafar’s voice with the PSL anthem are expressing their excitement on various social media platforms.

Many believe that there is a nostalgic connection between Ali Zafar and the PSL.

Fans are hoping that this decision will pave the way for Zafar’s reintegration into the PSL tradition.

Some individuals stated that they are tired of seeing other singers ruin the PSL Anthem for them.

One user said: “I don’t understand why they give us singers like Aima Baig and Asim Azhar when it is quite clear that the whole of Pakistan wants to see Ali Zafar in the anthem.”

Another wrote: “He should officially return for PSL anthem.

“His voice makes me watch PSL with more interest. They shouldn’t have removed him in the first place.”

One commented: “The people with power in Pakistan have a habit of going against the public’s will. They give us what they want.

“They make every decision based on their own interest, whether it’s a Government we’re talking about or a PSL Anthem.”

Although there is uncertainty surrounding the final decision, fans are eagerly waiting for an official confirmation.

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