Shamas Siddiqui reacts to brother Nawazuddin’s Reconciliation

Shamas Siddiqui has opened up about his brother Nawazuddin’s reconciliation with his wife Aaliya, following her divorce withdrawal.

Shamas Siddiqui reacts to brother Nawazuddin's Reconciliation f

“I read the news, and I want to speak."

Shamas Siddiqui, brother of Bollywood actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui, has opened up on the reconciliation between his brother and sister-in-law Aaliya.

Recently, Aaliya announced that she wants to abandon the divorce notice that she filed against Nawazuddin Siddiqui in 2020.

Since filing for divorce, Aaliya made multiple claims of mistreatment from the Siddiqui family.

She also stated that Shamas had been physically violent towards her in the past.

Now, Shamas Siddiqui has reacted to the couple’s plan to reconcile.

Shamas said: “I read the news, and I want to speak.

“I want to say that Nawaz and Aaliya’s kids (Shora and Yaani) should get their rightful share of love from both their parents.”

Shamas went on to say that he loves his niece and nephew, and he will not allow his individual issues with their mother to affect that.

He added:

“My issues should not come in their way. I have separate and different issues with Aaliya.

“I had put money in her film project, and the matter is in Court.

“I will take the next step only after I consult my lawyers Mr Deepesh Mehta and Mr Kaushal Thakkar.”

Shamas Siddiqui reacts to brother Nawazuddin's Reconciliation -

Shamas Siddiqui continued to praise his niece and nephew by saying:

“I love these two kids very much. I can do anything for them. They too love me a lot and everyone (in the family) knows this.

“Nawaz bhai is the head of the family and whatever is good and right for him will be good and right for us too.”

As well as this, Shamas spoke very highly of his brother Nawazuddin, describing him as “a good man”.

He said:

“Nawaz eka cha insaan hai (Nawaz is a good man). His speciality is that he never leaves anybody in the lurch.”

Shamas Siddiqui’s words follow Aaliya’s decision to withdraw the divorce notice she filed against Nawazuddin in 2020.

In an earlier interview, Aaliya made claims of mental and physical torture from the Siddiqui family, even alleging that Shamas Siddiqui had hit her.

Now, she has admitted that she wants to give her marriage with Nawazuddin Siddiqui a chance.

In an interview with Bombay Times, Aaliya said:

“This pandemic was an eye-opener. I realised what matters the most is the well-being of your children and good health.

“Our children need us, and if their happiness lies in us being together, we can keep our disagreements aside.

“I have withdrawn the legal notice that I had filed. I don’t seek divorce anymore, and I want to give this marriage a chance.”

Nawazuddin Siddiqui has also responded to his wife’s decision by stating that, as the mother of his children, he will always support her.

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Images courtesy of Shamas Siddiqui Instagram and FilmiFever Instagram

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