Sarwat Gilani trolled for Maternity Cover Shoot

Sarwat Gilani shared photos from her maternity photoshoot for a magazine. But she faced the wrath of trolls.

Sarwat Gilani trolled for Maternity Cover Shoot f

“This woman remains shameless."

Sarwat Gilani shared photos from her maternity photoshoot but was subjected to trolling.

The actress appeared on the cover of the Sunday Times magazine.

She was dressed in a lilac silk gown looking every bit elegant and glowing as she prepared to embrace motherhood for a third time.

Sunday Times shared the pictures on Instagram with a caption that read:

“Lights, Camera, Baby!! Sarwat Gilani takes centre stage on the Sunday Times cover, embracing the beauty of motherhood.

“From balancing a thriving career to cherishing precious family time, the diva has been rocking it all!”

In the images, Sarwat is shown cradling her baby bump as she throws back her head and laughs.

Another shows her lying on a sofa with her hand placed softly underneath her bump.

However, the images received a negative response and social media users accused the actress of being shameless for flaunting her pregnant body to the public.

One user said: “This woman remains shameless.

“Normal women are now taking part in these disgusting photoshoots. I don’t understand why they enjoy such things.”

Another wrote: “These photoshoots are the only thing we have left in the name of entertainment.”

A third boldly stated: “In just a few years our celebrities will be uploading their intercourse videos too.”

The post was later met with comments that defended Sarwat.

One comment read: “Is this the Islamic Republic of Pakistan? This girl should have left her pregnant belly at home before coming out.

“I hope this does not break the wudhu [ablution] of our unadulterated Pakistani men.”

Another stated: “How can pregnancy be shameful? How did you come into this world? Why does a joyfully glowing mother bother you?

“How miserable must one be to hate a content woman embracing herself? Low life!”

One individual wrote: “Motherhood is perhaps the most beautiful part of a woman’s life, but unfortunately neither Pakistani men nor women understand it.

“They won’t miss any chance to humiliate a pregnant woman. She is married, and she is having a child. What’s your problem Tooba?”

Sarwat Gilani is not the only celebrity who has faced criticism for sharing her pregnancy pictures.

Celebrities like Minal Khan and Mariam Ansari were also heavily trolled when they shared their photoshoot images on Instagram.

Mariam Ansari shared several images from her pregnancy and announced that she had given birth to a baby girl.

However, she was faced with a barrage of negative comments, with one user writing:

“There was a time when women were pregnant and not even their siblings would know.

“Shame on you, now you openly flaunt your pregnant bellies.”

In August 2023, Minal and her husband Ahsan Mohsin Ikram announced their pregnancy news by sharing the front cover of the Hello Pakistan magazine on which they featured.

They became the first celebrity couple in Pakistan to appear on the front page of a magazine to announce their pregnancy.

However, the pair were criticised for their announcement and social media fans once again shared their opinions online.

One individual had stated: “Shameless. Her husband is more shameless than her who is posing with her.”

Another added: “Have some shame. How much will you fall for money?

“There is a line for shamelessness and you have crossed it.”

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