Sanam gets Emotional as she Reunites with her Family

Reuniting with her family was an emotional moment for Love Island’s Sanam but there was one instance which caused her to break down.

Sanam gets Emotional as she Reunites with Family f

The revelation caused Sanam to break down

On Love Island, Sanam Harrinanan broke down as she discovered what her late father would have thought of her partner Kai Fagan.

The 24-year-old received a surprise from her mother and best friend when they entered the villa, along with Kai’s mother and father.

Sanam’s loved ones were full of praise for how she handled herself throughout the series.

But there was one person in particular she was keen to get the approval of.

She became emotional when speaking to her mother about her late father, asking whether he would have liked partner Kai as well.

Her friend revealed: “He would’ve loved him.”

The revelation caused the reality star to break down into tears, confessing:

“It’s just hit me.”

Love Island viewers were just as emotional, especially those who have also lost their parents.

One person wrote: “Sanam hoping her Dad’s looking down on her and proud of her. That got me and made me think of my Dad.”

Another wrote: “My heart broke when Sanam mentioned her dad.”

A third said: “Sanam your dad would be so proud of you I’m sure.”

One viewer added: “The conversation Sanam just had about her dad has actually just made me really emotional. I can relate.”

Later on in the Beach Hut, Sanam said that Kai is welcome in her family.

Meanwhile, Kai’s father told the couple:

“You both look perfect.”

Speaking to Kai, Sanam’s mother said:

“With how you’ve handled everything in here, it’s really up to our standard, and Sanam’s as well.”

Sanam was also full of praise, telling Kai’s parents:

“Honestly, I think you’ve raised an amazing son.

“I mean that. He’s honestly treated me with so much kindness and care, I can’t even fault you, there’s literally nothing about you.”

The social worker later said:

“Kai has definitely got my mum and my best friend’s blessing. There’s no doubt about it.”

Kai said:

“The fact that her family have accepted me and my family have accepted her, that’s it for me. I absolutely adore it.”

The couple have become a firm favourite among viewers, with many touting them as the eventual winners.

The pair have been praised for their relaxed behaviour and efforts to stay away from the drama that has gone on in the villa.

Kai previously spoke about having a future with Sanam, telling her:

“I think you’re going to end up being my girlfriend.”

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