Kai brands Sanam’s ‘Talent’ a ‘Warning Sign’

Love Island viewers were left a little unnerved after Kai labelled Sanam’s unique talent a major “warning sign”.

Kai brands Sanam's 'Talent' a 'Warning Sign' f

"I feel like that's more of a warning sign"

Kai Fagan called Sanam Harrinanan’s unique talent a major “red flag”, prompting Love Island viewers to urge him not to blow his chances with her.

During the talent show, Sanam revealed that she is able to cry on the spot.

The episode on March 7, 2023, saw Kai reflect on the talent show and told Sanam that he saw her talent as a major “red flag”.

Sitting on the day beds, Kai told her:

“Your talent really confused me, not going to lie. I feel like that’s more of a warning sign rather than a talent.”

A slightly confused Sanam replied:

“Warning sign? why? Because you know I can cry on the spot with you?”

Kai said: “I know you can force cries.”

The 24-year-old firmly told him: “No it’s a talent, not a red flag. I could use it though, but I won’t on you.”

When Kai asked if Sanam had fake cried before, she admitted:

“I definitely have used it before to get myself out of situations.”

Kai then told the social worker that if she ever cried around him, he would be suspicious if her feelings were real or fake.

She then replied: “That’s so mean because what if it’s real tears?”

The conversation left Love Island viewers concerned and urged him not to ruin his chances with Sanam, who has become a fan favourite.

One person commented: “Idk maybe I’m sensitive but why is Kai being cold with Sanam.”

Another said: “Easy now, Kai. Sanam has a talent, not a red flag.”

A third wrote: “I knew Kai was going to be annoying about Sanam’s talent.”

One comment read:

“I hope Kai drops the crying on spot thing he should know Sanam is the reason why we like him now.”

A user asked: “Why is Kai looking for red flags with Sanam?”

One concerned viewer said: “Does Kai actually like Sanam? Something feels off.”

But it seemed all notions of red flags were banished as Kai later admitted that he sees a future with her.

Sanam asked Kai: “What do you think it’s going to look like when we come out of here?”

Kai replied: “I think you’re going to end up being my girlfriend.”

Elsewhere, fans praised show bosses for giving the couple more airtime, with some viewers wanting them to go on and win the show.

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