Kai reveals Baby Plans with Sanam

During Love Island’s Baby Challenge, Kai opened up to Shaq about the possibility of having children with Sanam.

Kai reveals Baby Plans with Sanam f

"without a doubt I could see us having kids."

Kai Fagan admitted that having children with Sanam Harrinanan is a possibility.

The 24-year-old opened up about his future to Shaq Muhammad during the Baby Challenge, a common feature in Love Island.

The islanders were woken to the sound of babies crying.

As part of the challenge, each couple is given a lifelike baby doll and is in charge of naming and looking after the doll.

After getting their doll dressed, Kai and Sanam decided to name their baby boy Bruno. During the day, Kai praised his partner for being a good mother to ‘Bruno’.

Ron Hall later received a text inviting the boys for a day out, but they had to bring their babies out to a jungle gym-style play park.

Meanwhile, the girls got to enjoy a quiet day in the villa.

While playing with their babies, the boys discussed whether or not they see themselves becoming parents in the future.

Shaq asked Kai: “What type of dad do you think you will be?”

Speaking about his and Sanam’s parenting style, Kai replied:

“I’m the most laid back chilled individual going, Bruno will have a field day with me, Sanam will be the strict one.”

Talk soon turned to the future as Shaq asked:

“Can you see yourself and Sanam having kids one day maybe?”

Admitting that children were a possibility if things continued to go well, Kai said:

“If things keep going how they are then without a doubt I could see us having kids.

“Bruno is lucky to have a mum like her; she’s beautiful, intelligent, caring.”

Kai’s admission comes as Love Island fans believe he and Sanam are the favourites to win the show.

One wrote: “Dump everyone and crown Sanam and Kai the winners… I’m tired of this season.”

Another said: “At this point just fly Maya Jama out and let her crown Kai and Sanam as the winners.”

Giving their thoughts on who the winner should be, one user said:

“Final should be… Winner, Kai and Sanam. Runner up, Ron and Lana. And everyone else can just go home…”

Although the Baby Challenge is a recurring segment on Love Island, fans want it to be replaced.

One said: “Love Island respectfully, we all f***ing HATE the baby challenge.

“Drop it and bring back smoking areas and Twitter challenges because your show is dying.”

Another commented: “Love Island baby challenge is so bloody BORING… the same every single year.”

Kai previously discussed his future with Sanam, admitting that he believes they will be in a relationship after the show ends.

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