Salman Khan reveals his Longest Relationship

During a media event for ‘Bigg Boss 15’, Salman Khan revealed the longest relationship he has ever had. Find out what he said.

"we are desperate to reunite."

Salman Khan gave an unexpected answer when it came to revealing his longest relationship.

A media event for Bigg Boss 15 had taken place on September 23, 2021, ahead of the show’s launch on October 2, 2021.

In a video message that was aired during the event, Salman Khan made a joke about the length of his relationships.

He said: “My relationship with Bigg Boss is perhaps my only relationship that has lasted this long.

Bigg Boss has brought certain permanency in my life.

“Though sometimes for those four months we don’t see eye to eye but when we are parting ways (after a season’s end) we are desperate to reunite.”

Salman has been the host of Bigg Boss since the fourth series in 2010.

He continued: “We both are unmarried. We both can think of ourselves as bosses without any interference.

Bigg Boss gets what it wants but I don’t get what I want. I wish Colors gives me a hike soon.”

The rumours surrounding his Bigg Boss fees make the rounds each year.

For the 15th season, it has reportedly charged Rs. 350 Crore (£34.6 million).

On the show’s jungle theme, Salman said:

“This season makes me remember the song – Jungle Hai Aadhi Raat Hai. Not Sultan wala Dangal. Not Dangal wala Dangal, but it will be a different Dangal.

“Two hundred and fifty cameras will be looking out for every movement in the jungle and will note even a leaf moving.

Bigg Boss 15 can be five months long this time.

“I like the show. I get to learn a lot from the show. It tries my patience. Every time I lose my cool, I wish I hadn’t lost it.

“Then I try harder (to be patient). But the show’s format is such that something keeps happening and then I’ve to go and correct.

“So you get to not only learn a lot but also meet so many new people, know their personalities.”

It has been reported that Bigg Boss OTT runner-ups Shamita Shetty and Nishant Bhat will be contestants on Bigg Boss 15.

Salman has currently been filming Tiger 3 in Austria with Katrina Kaif.

He said that he will be returning to Mumbai where he will begin filming Bigg Boss 15.

Salman said: “I will be back soon. I’ll be back in Mumbai on 27th or 28th September.”

Tiger 3 sees Salman reprise his role as RAW (Research & Analysis Wing) agent Avinash Singh Rathore aka Tiger while Katrina returns as his partner, Zoya.

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