Salman Khan responds to ‘Clothing Rule’ remarks

After Palak Tiwari revealed that Salman Khan has a clothing rule for women on his film sets, the actor broke his silence on the matter.

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"So the more covered they are the better it will be I feel."

Salman Khan has broken his silence on the revelation that he has a clothing rule for women on his film sets.

The matter came to light when Palak Tiwari revealed that the actor had a rule about how women should dress on the set of Antim: The Final Truth.

According to Palak, Salman’s rule was that “all the girls should be covered, like good proper girls”.

The clothing rule led to criticism.

Salman has now spoken about the matter.

He appeared on Rajat Sharma’s show Aap Ki Adalat.

During the interview, Rajat called out Salman, accusing him of having double standards for having such a rule for women while he takes off his shirt in every film.

Salman responded: “When you make a decent picture everyone goes to watch it with their family.

“There is no double standard. I think women’s bodies are more precious. So the more covered they are the better it will be I feel.”

When Rajat pointed out that Salman once appeared in an advert in just his boxers when he was 17, the actor replied:

“At that time it was okay. The atmosphere is bad these days.”

Salman went on to say that the fault lies with men and the way they look at women.

He continued: “The problem isn’t with women but with men. The way men stare at women, your sister, your wife, your mother. I don’t like that.

“So, I do not want them to go through this.”

Defending his statement, Salman said that “sometimes the intention of men goes wrong”.

He added: “Everyone knows it that sometimes their intentions go bad.

“So we try that when we make a film, we don’t get give this chance to anyone that they come and look at our heroines, our women like this.”

Palak Tiwari had said: “When I was AD-ing with Salman sir on Antim, I don’t think many people know this, Salman Sir had a rule ‘For every girl on my set, the neckline should be here, all the girls should be covered, like good proper girls’.”

She later clarified that her statement was misunderstood.

“It’s really been misunderstood.

“All I wanted to say is that I have put certain guidelines for myself as to how to dress around people who are way senior to me, who have I pretty much grown up idolising. Salman sir is of course one of them.”

She made her acting debut alongside Salman Khan in Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan.

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