Faryal Mehmood responds to criticism on her Clothing

During an interview, Faryal Mehmood addressed the hate she frequently faces for her outfits and outspoken nature.

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Faryal Mehmood made a guest appearance on Maliha Rahman’s One-to-One show and addressed the criticism she faced on her attire.

They discussed various things and the host mentioned that people associate the word ‘bold’ with Faryal. The actress claimed that this makes her laugh.

She said that they call her bold because of the lack of terminology.

Faryal questioned the origins of this label; whether it stems from her choice of clothing or her outspokenness as a woman?

She said: “If they are calling me bold because of my dressing and the way I talk that’s not right.

“Just because I am a woman who is saying what she is thinking, they’re calling me bold, but if I was a man and had said the same thing, I wouldn’t be called bold. I would’ve just been a man.

“If they are talking about my clothes and objectifying me, that’s not bold.

“This is not bold this is just me being me. I can show you bold.”

Faryal Mehmood refused to accept the label. She stressed that staying authentic to herself and voicing her opinions doesn’t inherently translate to boldness.

She said there’s a double standard in how society sees assertiveness and clothing choices for men and women.

During the interview, she urged people to embrace their true selves without worrying about judgment.

The actress also shared her journey of self-discovery, from marriage to divorce, and her exploration of the world.

Faryal added that she believed that she would be able to settle down soon.

She also acknowledged her ex-husband who taught her the need to pause and dedicate time to herself.

This was because she was consistently occupied with studies and work.

Viewers reacted to her statements and shared their opinions.

One user said: “You can’t justify one wrong with another wrong.

“A man and a woman both must not be allowed to be so bold that they forget their religion. Look at what you are wearing in this interview.”

Another commented:

“Her dressing speaks for her family background. She is practically naked.”

One wrote: “No Muslim with a sane mind would come on air in a Pakistani show and wear such clothes. And then she says that we call her bold.”

A comment read: “What double standards are you talking about? No man is out there exposing their body like you are.”

One stated: “She can be bolder than this? Please don’t. We don’t want to see it.”

It appears that Faryal Mehmood’s attempt to address the criticism is resulting in more backlash headed her way.


Ayesha is a film and drama student who adores music, arts and fashion. Being highly ambitious, her motto for life is, "Even the Impossible spells I'm Possible"

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