Salman Khan hails Akshay Kumar as ‘Bigger Star’ in Bollywood

Salman Khan has revealed that he considers Akshay Kumar as a bigger star than himself in Bollywood! He made the comments after talking about fame.

Salman Khan hails Akshay Kumar as 'Bigger Star' in Bollywood

"I do two films a year, Aamir does one film in three years, Akshay does four-five films a year. So you do the math."

Salman Khan has credited Akshay Kumar as a “bigger star” than himself in the Bollywood industry. The acting legend made the comments while discussing stardom and films.

While the comments will no doubt surprise a few critics, Salman believes Akshay to be a hard-working actor. He acknowledged that the actor appears in more films per year than any of the famous Khans.

It seems this committed, hard-working nature reflects a bigger sense of stardom, according to Salman Khan.

The actor gave his opinion during an interview with DNA. When asked about superstardom, the actor answered: “Today, when they say [superstars] I think there is Aamir, Shah Rukh, me, and Akshay Kumar.

“We do fewer films — I do two films a year, Aamir does one film in three years, Akshay does four-five films a year. So you do the math.”

The Tubelight actor went on to explain his thoughts behind Akshay’s fame and popularity: “The man who works that hard and makes the maximum amount of money, and supports those many production companies, those many units, and those many directors every four months is a bigger star.”

In the interview, Salman was also questioned on whether he could do as many films as Akshay himself:

“I used to do that. I think Akki is the only one who understood that back in the day… When we were paid so little per film, we did more films. Now we get paid so much more for a film, and we are doing fewer films,” reveals the acting legend.

Following on, Salman gave his thoughts on the two releases he makes per year, and how he prefers quality over quantity. He said:

“I think if you come with a good film every two months, people will want to go and see it. Two months is 60 days. That’s a lot.

“But the film has got to be better than the earlier one. So this phase is ki aai thi ek superb picture, usko dhundhla karo and then you come up with another one. That is how I think.”

“So, I do about two-and-a-half films a year. I am going to up the number to three next year.”

As Salman makes humbling comments about Akshay, he shows the immense respect he has for the actor. For many, this will be refreshing to hear. Especially, as the film industry is known for it ruthless and competitive nature.

But the legend creates a positive voice in the bustling industry. Check out more of the actor’s interview with DNA here.

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Images courtesy of Akshay Kumar and Salman Khan Official Instagram.

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