Salman Comments on Shahrukh’s 8 Pack

What’s Monika got in store for us this week? The rumour mill has been busy. Gossip is Salman loves Shahrukh’s 8 pack, Kareena might be going anorexic and Deepika has a secret fetish!

Salman Khan


Salman Khan

Salman Comments on SRK’s 8 Pack

Recently when Shahrukh Khan flaunted his brand new 8 pack abs, social media users couldn’t stop admiring him. However there were many who thought that the pictures were fake and ‘photoshopped’ for HNY’s film promotion.

When a fan questioned Salman Khan to comment on SRK’s ‘fake 8-pack-abs’, the actor straight away replied that they are not fake and SRK actually has become ripped.  He even added that the picture that you see is not even a touched up image, it’s a raw photograph.

Now Sallu, Monika knows that you are outspoken and big hearted, but so much admiration for SRK seems fishy! Is this the case of keep your friends close and enemies closer?

Katrina Kaif

Is Katrina Turning into an Anorexic?

Katrina will be soon seen with the hot hunk Hrithik in their upcoming film Bang Bang. She has been on a hectic schedule to wrap up the film.

Monika heard that Kat worked day and night to look sexy in the title track of Bang Bang!

Not only did she take physical training for extensive hours, she even skipped her mealtime while practising for the song shoot!

However Kat, you cannot be skipping your meals to look thin right? That gives out a wrong message to your fans out there who want to see you lava hot on the screen but not at the cost of your health!

Ranbir Kapoor

Is Ranbir Confirmed for Ram Lakhan Remake?

When the duo Karan Johar and Rohit Shetty announced that they are remaking the classic Ram Lakhan, the rat race among the young breed of B-town actors began.

In the queue are Varun, Sidharth and Ranveer. However, Monika has some gossip. It’s Ranbir Kapoor who is silently crawling towards stealing that desirable role.

Nonetheless, Ranbir hasn’t signed the contract yet and there is also gossip that one more Kapoor is also in the pursuit of the role.

Arjun who is a big time a Ram Lakhan fan has openly declared that he is ready to give his dates to the film and also make amendments with other commitments if needed.

Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra Leaves Behind Ash, Dips and Kat!

Piggy Chops is without doubt the queen of the endorsement planet this year. Why you ask?

While Ash and D-Pad usually charge Rs 5 to 6 crore, Bebo and Kat approximately Rs 4 to 5 crore and Sonakshi and Anushka around Rs 2.5 to 4 crore, PC has been offered an endorsement agreement with a popular brand name for an enormous amount of Rs 11 crore.

According to the grapevine, Piggy Chops hasn’t agreed to this deal so far.

However, if she signs the dotted line for the brand, PC’s 11 crore deal would be the most expensive deal amongst Bollywood heroines till now. Monika smells a cat fight soon.

George Clooney

George Clooney’s Secret Wedding in London

Hollywood Casanova, George Clooney will get hitched this weekend (13th September 2014) and marry his British girl in our very own London.

Monika heard that George and Amal’s secret London wedding will be at a registry office in West London and graced by close friends and family.

Earlier it was assumed that the couple would marry in Lake Como, where Clooney has a £28 million home.

There will be a greater, more sensational second bash in romantic Venice, supposedly on September 27th 2014, with an expected 60 guests.

Deepika Padukone

Deepika’s WEIRD Top Secret Fetish!

It’s okay to have secret obsessions as long as they are harmless. However D-Pad has a secret fixation too. Not with shoes, bags, accessories like any other girl! This one’s a shocker.

Apparently it’s the scented candles that Deepika just can’t let go of, and clutches them everywhere with her! Monika heard that her house is always lit up with candles and whenever she travels around for shoots, she essentially carries them along in her bag.

The candles bring tranquility to her and the fragrance has a soothing result on her during her frenzied shooting schedule. Deeps, you have taken your name too seriously babes!

Monika is our resident Gossip wali. Every week this Desi chick brings us selective gossip from Bollywood and the Desi entertainment world! 'Ek hafte mein itni Gossip... Hai Hai!' - A must weekly read!

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