Saif shocks Kareena saying ‘Role Play’ keeps the ‘Spark Alive’

Saif Ali Khan left his wife Kareena Kapoor Khan dumbstruck as he candidly said, ‘role play’ helps keep the ‘spark alive’ in a marriage.

Saif Ali Khan says, ‘Role Play’ helps keep the ‘Spark Alive’ f

"Sometimes you have to find ways to keep your spark alive.”

Saif Ali Khan featured on his wife Kareena’s radio show, What Women Want and left her speechless as he said, “role play” is what helps keep the “spark alive” in a marriage.

Saif graced the radio show for the ultimate Valentine’s Day special and this time the topic was ‘modern marriages’.

The actor recalled a moment early in their relationship when Rani Mukherjee gave Saif some dating advice. He revealed:

“I remember Rani Mukherjee told me once, when we had just started dating, you and I because I don’t think I had ever been with a working actress before.

“She said, ‘Just behave like you are in a relationship with a man.’ She meant that don’t get into the gender of it. Treat it like an equal like you got two heroes in the house.

“Two people working and then you will have no problems and I think she is absolutely right.”

Kareena agreed with Rani Mukherjee’s advice to her husband and said, “That’s cool advice.”

There is no doubt Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan are one of Bollywood’s most admired couples. Kareena said:

“All our fans say we are couple goals and like the perfect couple. And everyone is like, ‘Oh God, we want to be like Saif and Bebo.’ So what do you have to say to people who kind of idolise us?”

Saif Ali Khan says, ‘Role Play’ helps keep the ‘Spark Alive’ - saif

Saif responded saying, “Well I think idolising is a dangerous thing generally you know. I think people should be respected for what they are known for. I mean you can respect someone for being a nice actor.

“You can respect the idea of a relationship perhaps or appreciate things but idolise is a really strong word because I don’t think people really know we are just like normal people.

“If you are going to idolise someone, more than movie stars, sometimes you should probably idolise the non-famous person next door, you know, who has managed to send his kids to school. A nice balanced middle class life is worthy of adulation.”

Kareena continued to ask Saif what is the one thing that keeps the spark alive in a marriage to which Saif instantly replied saying, “Role play”.

There is no doubt Kareena was stumped by her husband’s response while Saif quickly said:

“I’m joking, okay, I’m joking.”

Kareena managed to compose herself and said, “That’s okay we’ve spoken about every possible topic on the show.”

Saif Ali Khan then went on to mention that different interests is one of the key aspects of keeping the spark alive. He said:

“If you have slightly different things to do, if there is a little bit of freshness when you meet at the end of the day or after a couple of days, if you have some new ideas to swap.

“I think repetition and a mundane kind of existence is a bit worrying for everybody because any long-term relationship can get a bit repetitive.”

Despite this, Saif further added that the pressure of trying to keep the marriage exciting is also detrimental. He said:

“It’s a really scary thing. Like Woody Allen said, ‘I can’t keep up the same level of charm for 10 years. I’ll have a heart attack.’ It’s okay. Sometimes you have to find ways to keep your spark alive.”

Saif Ali Khan says, ‘Role Play’ helps keep the ‘Spark Alive’ - kareena

This prompted Kareena to reveal that Saif is the one who often promises to take her out but upon returning home cancels the plan. Saif replied saying:

“Laziness is a villain generally in life you know. People say, ‘love is a verb’ and it’s something that has to be shown in practice.

“Even if you don’t feel it and you go and pick someone up from the airport once in a while, it just makes things nicer.”

In response to her husband’s advice, Kareena exclaimed, “You should do that as well! Clearly, you’re not keeping the spark alive.

“It’s been 11 years you haven’t bothered to (pick Kareena up from the airport).”

Their funny camaraderie continued as Saif sheepishly reminded his wife that he did, in fact, pick her up from the airport. He said:

“I picked you up once because your mother called and said that there is trouble in London or something.”

On a serious note, Saif Ali Khan went on to mention that maintaining the balance between your professional and personal life is necessary for a successful marriage. He explained:

“People have compared marriage to a base camp and if you want to climb mountains you need a good base camp before you climb.

“But if you spend all your time climbing mountains there will be no base camp left. If you can balance both things then that’s the way to do it.”

Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan fell in love while shooting their film, Tashan in 2008.

The couple tied the knot on October 12, 2012 and share a beautiful three-year-old son, Taimur Ali Khan.

It was certainly a treat for viewers to witness their loving relationship as they candidly spoke about how to make a modern marriage work.

Watch the Video of Saif and Kareena on What Women Want


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