Sacha Dhawan stars in BBC’s Dracula as Dr. Sharma

British actor Sacha Dhawan is known for his versatility and amazing work ethics. He is set to appear in BBC’s highly-anticipated Dracula as Dr Sharma.

Sacha Dhawan stars in BBC's Dracula as Dr. Sharma f

"the blood-drinking Count is drawing his plans"

British-born actor Sacha Dhawan is set to feature in Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat’s upcoming television series, Dracula (2020) as Dr Sharma.

The three-part series is based on the namesake novel by Bram Stoker, that follows Count Dracula who lives off the blood of the living.

In the novel, the young lawyer Johnathan Harker visits Dracula’s castle concerning a land deal.

Dracula sees a picture of the lawyer’s fiance Mina who is a spitting image of his wife. As a result, he imprisons Harker and sets off to London to find Mina.

However, Gatiss and Moffat are set to “give the legend fresh blood.” which has fans eagerly waiting.

Sacha Dhawan stars in BBC's Dracula as Dr. Sharma - sacha

Sacha Dhawan, who is of Indian descent, has worked in television, film, stage and radio. His versatile background makes him a great addition to the cast.

Dhawan began his performance journey at the tender age of twelve. He trained at the Laine-Johnson Theatre School in Manchester before progressing to Aquinas College in Stockport.

Dhawan recently finished shooting for Hulu’s upcoming drama, The Great (2020) miniseries alongside American actress Elle Fanning and English actor Nicholas Hoult.

The actor can also be seen in Marvel’s Iron Fist (2017-2018) as the Steel Serpent, The Boy with the Topknot (2017), Sherlock (2017), After Earth (2013) and Eastenders.

Sacha Dhawan stars in BBC's Dracula as Dr. Sharma - dracula

The highly-anticipated Dracula will follow the bloodthirsty journey of Count Dracula (Claes Bang). The BBC One website describes Dracula, saying:

“In Transylvania in 1897, the blood-drinking Count is drawing his plans against Victorian London.

“And be warned: the dead travel fast.”

The latest set of teasers show Dracula’s travels take him through an unsettling nunnery.

Sacha Dhawan stars in BBC's Dracula as Dr. Sharma - nuns

There are several questions that arise. Is the nunnery a stage for a massacre? Or will Count Dracula have to fend off the nuns who are seen carrying wooden stakes?

We are also introduced to Johnathan Harker (John Heffernan), an English solicitor who visits Dracula’s terrifying castle. Soon he discovers he is being held captive.

Sacha, who portrays the role of Dr Sharma can be seen onboard The Demeter which is most likely the Russian ship from the original book.

This was where Dracula enacted the gradual massacre throughout the weeks of his voyage from Transylvania to Whitby, England.

Dracula is due to release across BBC One and Netflix on January 1, 2020. It will be broadcasted over three consecutive days. The 90-minute episode titles are as follows:

  1. ‘The Rules of the Beast’
  2. ‘Blood Vessel’
  3. ‘The Dark Compass’

Be ready to begin your new year with a thrill. We look forward to watching the highly-awaited series and the performance of Sacha Dhawan.

Watch the Trailer to Dracula here:


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