Royal Nawaab replies to Couple’s Claim Waiters ‘wanted to fight’

The owners of famous Manchester restaurant Royal Nawaab have responded to a couple who claimed that several waiters “wanted to fight” them.

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"It was an awful experience. Never again."

The owners of famous Manchester restaurant Royal Nawaab have responded after a couple claimed they had an “awful experience” after asking about gluten in their food.

In a TripAdvisor review, user Kyla said she and her husband visited the Royal Nawaab restaurant in November 2022.

She explained when they asked about gluten in their food, the floor manager laughed.

Things took a turn when her husband replied.

Kyla wrote: “When my husband said it wasn’t okay to laugh, about 10 other waiters arrived and stood around us as if they were ready for a scene and wanted to fight us.

“I’ve never seen anything like it. I’ve eaten here successfully by delivery.

“It was an awful experience. Never again.”

In response to the complaint, restaurant bosses said they would take “swift action”.

In a statement, a spokesperson for Royal Nawaab said:

“It is always concerning when we hear that our guests are unhappy with the services that we have provided.

“We would like to give our assurances that we take customer feedback extremely seriously and full consideration is being given to the points raised.

“Further, we can confirm that swift action will be taken if necessary to ensure our future guests receive exemplary service and product.

“We would like to firmly promise our valued guests our that our food hygiene and allergen measures are a subject on which we are never complacent.

“Our health and safety measures are rigorously reviewed and it is only through constructive feedback that we are able to continually improve our standards of service.”

This comes after Royal Nawaab closed its doors, with the signage from the front of the Levenshulme-based building currently being changed.

The family who own the restaurant have been embroiled in a legal battle over its ownership for several years, amid a family feud.

It is reported that the restaurant is set to reopen on January 19, 2023.

Speaking about the brief closure, the spokesperson said:

“We value our staff and every single one of them still has a job and they will all be back at work as soon as the restaurant re-opens.”

“The management is working very hard to resolve any outstanding issues to the satisfaction of everyone.

“Rest assured everyone is still currently employed and will be paid, none of the employees will lose their jobs.”

It is also confirmed that the restaurant will have a new name.

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