Ranvir Singh apologises for Controversial Comments on GMB

Ranvir Singh has apologised after facing backlash for making some controversial comments about the Queen on ‘Good Morning Britain’.

Ranvir Singh apologises for Controversial Comments on GMB f

“You have an absolute cheek!"

Television presenter Ranvir Singh has apologised after making some controversial comments about the Queen live on air.

The Good Morning Britain host angered viewers by saying that Queen Elizabeth II “doesn’t do very much”.

Singh’s comments were made while she and co-host Sean Fletcher discussed her connections to the University of Central Lancashire. At first, Fletcher said:

“You snuck in there that you’re a chancellor with a university, that’s brilliant.”

Ranvir Singh then responded:

“Yes well, that’s another thing. It’s like being the Queen, you don’t do very much, but you go around shaking hands.”

The presenter then quickly added: “Sorry to the Queen – you work very hard.”

But the damage had already been done, and Good Morning Britain viewers have taken to Twitter to slam the presenter for her comments.

One user said:

“I hope I’m able to work as hard as the Queen when I’m 95 @ranvir01 @GMB”

Ranvir Singh replied to the comment, admitting that she realised her mistake as soon as she made it.

She said:

“Agree you’re right – I actually meant it’s a ceremonial told without any real power but fumbled it. #livetv”

However, Ranvir Singh admitting she “fumbled it” was not enough to earn forgiveness from other Twitter users, who continued to call her out for her controversial words.

One user was quick to point out everything that the Queen does, saying:

“Nothing ceremonial in attending about 300 engagements every year, travelling all over the UK and going through and signing government dispatches EVERY DAY, even during her summer retreat at Balmoral!

“No rest on holiday, no retiring at 65!”

Another slammed Ranvir Singh for her lack of respect for the Queen, tweeting:

“You have an absolute cheek! What a role model Her Majesty is, pity we couldn’t say the same about you.”

Many also branded Ranvir Singh’s apology as an excuse, saying that she has appeared on live television for long enough to know better.

One said:

“If you can’t handle live TV pressure you’re in the wrong business…belittling the Queen’s job is outright callous and you’re only making excuses instead of apologising.”


Another wrote:

“I’m sorry, but you can’t put this down to being on #livetv. How long have you worked on live TV?”

“I think you said what you meant and then buckled with the backlash. #TheQueen is a wonderful woman and we are lucky to have her as Head of State. Long live The Queen.”

However, some took to Twitter to agree with Ranvir Singh, saying they are unsure of what the Royal Family actually do.


One said:

“Going around cutting ribbons, shaking hands, texting food is not work. None of the Royals do much. Bunch of benefits scroungers.”

Another tweeted:

“You said what’s right. Speak your mind and don’t let your employers or the viewers steer you from what you believe. The whole Royal Family are parasites.”

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