Ranvir Singh receives Backlash for Interrupting Guests on GMB

Viewers of the ITV breakfast show ‘Good Morning Britain’ have criticised host Ranvir Singh, accusing her of interrupting guests.

Ranvir Singh receives Backlash for Interrupting Guests on GMB f

“What a car crash of a discussion"

Ranvir Singh has come under fire as Good Morning Britain viewers have accused her of constantly interrupting guests.

The matter came to light once again during a booster jab debate.

Host Ranvir criticised Prime Minister Boris Johnson over a “lack of planning” ahead of his booster jab rollout.

However, viewers were not happy with Ranvir.

She stood in for Susanna Reid, presenting alongside Adil Ray as they discussed the PM’s approach to the new crisis on people getting their booster vaccines.

Mr Johnson recently made a national plea, urging citizens to get their Covid-19 booster vaccine as soon as possible to help support the fight against Omicron.

But Ranvir slammed the PM for not having the “correct infrastructure” in place to reach one million jabs a day.

Dr Hilary Jones appeared on the show to speak on the Covid booster issues as people are queuing for hours and panicking after Mr Johnson’s announcement.

Ranvir asked: “Was it responsible at all for the Prime Minister to go on national television to tell us we’re facing a crisis at Christmas.

“Where’s the infrastructure? Why wasn’t there enough supplies of lateral flow tests?

“They’re telling 20 million people to go for a jab.”

This led to a heated debate.

Ranvir then asked Dr Hilary: “Can you tell us from a medical and science point of view for all of us – what I’m asking is why was it announced then without clearly any planning for it?”

As Dr Hilary tried to reply, she continued:

“Talk about what the pressure is now for GPs and others to try and actually fulfil this noble aim?

“Boris Johnson has made this claim and now people are queuing around the block and GPs are panicking.”

Dr Hilary said he believes the PM is “extremely worried” by the science behind Omicron and is desperate to get everyone vaccinated.

But throughout the interview, GMB viewers said Ranvir Singh constantly “interrupted” Dr Hilary.

They took to Twitter to make their feelings known.

One person said: “Ranvir stop talking!

“Isn’t the point of interviews to let the person speak don’t want to hear your views, you’re a journalist so please calm down and stop shouting over people let them answer.”

Another commented: “Somebody have a word with Ranvir and ask her to let others answer rather than answering her own questions. Talking over everyone.”

One wrote: “Please stop over talking to your guests, it’s not the Ranvir show let them speak, it’s them we want to hear.”

A viewer said: “What a car crash of a discussion with Ranvir mighty mouth shouting, talking over everyone and interrupting.”

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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