Ranveer Singh’s Confirmation as ‘Don’ leads to Trolling

After plenty of rumours, it was confirmed that Ranveer Singh will play the titular role in ‘Don 3’. However, the internet is unhappy about it.

Ranveer Singh s Confirmation as Don leads to Trolling f

"this looks so bad you'd think it was a parody."

Ranveer Singh was confirmed to play the titular role in Don 3, however, it did not go down well among internet users.

It was heavily rumoured that Ranveer would step into Shah Rukh Khan’s shoes for the role and on August 8, 2023, director Farhan Akhtar announced that the third film would be on the way.

In a statement, he confirmed that a new actor would play the lead role and requested:

“We hope that you will show him the love you have so graciously and generously shown to Mr Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan.”

A title announcement video has now been released, unveiling Ranveer as the new Don.

The video begins with a hooded figure sitting and looking over a city skyline, asking:

“When will the sleeping lion wake up?”

It then cuts to a flame positioned in front of the figure, who then opens his eye as the narration continues:

“Go tell them all I have awoken and will appear again soon.”

As he continues to announce that he will be back, he takes off his hood and lights a cigarette.

Ranveer is revealed as he says: “I am Don.”

As the “new era begins”, it is confirmed that the film will release in 2025.

Despite amassing over 1.2 million views, the announcement did not go down well, with many people unhappy about the casting choice.

Believing that Shah Rukh’s dialogue delivery as Don is “irreplaceable”, one user said:

“Forget all other factors, Shah Rukh Khan’s voice and dialogue delivery is enough to give you chills. Irreplaceable.”

Another person agreed:

“No way can it match the era and legacy which is set up by Shah Rukh Khan the only Don!”

“Even the dialogues are not coming good as our mind intercepting with the original Don.”

One person was disappointed with the promo video, commenting:

“With all due respect, this was a very MID promo for an iconic franchise.”

Others trolled the announcement video.

A user said: “Oh man, this looks so bad you’d think it was a parody.”

Another commented: “You guys still have time! Stop this film to avoid any more losses, because audiences ain’t buying Ranveer Singh as #Don3.”

One comment read: “The task is too big for Ranveer to do it in his own style.”

One fan was sceptical of the casting choice, writing:

“I have never doubted your talent nor do I dislike Ranveer but casting him in such a character is crushing the legacy of Don.

“It would have been a lot better if you would have played the character. The cigarette here also doesn’t suit him, how will the entire plot go?!”

Another user wondered if the video was a parody and wrote:

“No hate for Ranveer Singh, he is amazing but Don is SRK’s.

“I literally felt like it was some parody and at any moment SRK would show up.

“Learn from the Race series how the makers butchered the franchise by changing the lead in Race 3. For context, Salman Khan replaced Saif Ali Khan in Race 3.”

Watch the Don 3 announcement


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