PIA Air Steward goes ‘Missing’ in Canada

An air steward for Pakistani airline PIA has reportedly gone missing shortly after the flight landed in Toronto, Canada.

PIA Air Steward goes 'Missing' in Canada f

it has taken notice of the missing air steward

On January 29, 2021, an air steward for Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) allegedly went missing in Canada.

The airline’s authorities confirmed the news on January 30 and said Ramzan Gul disappeared shortly after flight PK-798 landed in Toronto.

It was reported that Gul boarded the flight from Islamabad in the presence of the aircraft crew.

After becoming aware of the disappearance, PIA Canada’s station manager informed the Toronto Airport Authority.

They later alerted PIA’s hierarchy about Gul’s disappearance.

PIA has confirmed that it has taken notice of the missing air steward and an internal investigation is set to be conducted.

The airline has also updated the Canadian Immigration Authority on the matter.

Crew members get clearance under General Declaration and in the event, one of them goes missing, the immigration authority must be informed over it.

Following Gul’s disappearance, an air stewardess for the airline has also gone missing after landing in Toronto.

The hostess, Zahida Baloch, was a crew member on flight PK-797. She reportedly vanished after the plane landed in Canada.

The authorities found out about Baloch’s disappearance after flight PK-784 landed in Pakistan. She was supposed to be on the flight.

A spokesperson for PIA said the airline is aware of her disappearance.

Action will be taken against her as per the code of conduct. The Canadian Immigration Authority has also been informed.

There have been numerous cases of PIA workers disappearing.

In one case, air hostess Shazia Saeed reportedly went on the run with her boyfriend while on duty. She fled from Paris shortly after landing.

She was on board flight PK-733 from Lahore to Paris on April 6, 2019, on request to the administration. She was due to return to Pakistan on April 9, 2019.

However, after landing in the French capital, the air hostess left her hotel without telling anyone. It was later revealed that she went to Belgium without her luggage.

Her colleagues stated that they did not know Shazia left as she did not inform them.

It was reported that Shazia left Paris and went to Belgium a day after arriving on the PIA flight from Lahore.

Shazia met with her boyfriend in Paris and they both eloped to Belgium.

Sources have claimed that Shazia had requested the administration to book her duty on the flight from Lahore to Paris.

The flight attendant left a letter in her hotel room before she left.

It was later found by her colleagues who immediately alerted the airline’s management department.

A source claimed that Shazia gave her resignation before going to Belgium, however, a PIA spokesperson denied the claims.

The authorities at the airline launched an investigation into the incident and the whereabouts of Shazia.

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