Panjabi MC releases upbeat ‘Tombi’ featuring Master Saleem

Panjabi MC is back at it again with the release of his newest single ‘Tombi’ on his latest album, ’56 District’ featuring Master Saleem.

Panjabi MC releases upbeat ‘Tombi’ featuring Master Salem f

"I’m very proud to be British Punjabi living in the Midlands.”

Renowned Punjabi artist Rajinder Singh Rai, popularly known by his stage name Panjabi MC has released his latest single, ‘Tombi’ featuring Master Saleem.

Panjabi MC is a British-Punjabi recording artist, rapper, producer and DJ who has given us stellar songs like ‘Mundain to Bach Ke’ (2002), ‘Dhol Jageero Da’ (2005), ‘Moorni’ (2010) and many more.

For his 11th album titled ‘56 Districts’, Panjabi MC has composed fifteen songs from modern to retro tracks.

His wide-ranging collection of songs include different instruments, sounds and singers from across Punjab. Speaking about his album, Panjabi MC said:

“It’s what’s been missing for a while. Sometimes only the UK Bhangra can deliver and I’m very proud to be British Punjabi living in the Midlands.”

Panjabi MC releases upbeat ‘Tombi’ featuring Master Salem - cover

On this album, Panjabi MC has once again delivered high-quality sound with raw tradition composition.

He has used accents (emphasis on particular notes) which are not usually used in music to showcase the various districts of Punjab.

On track four of the ‘56 Districts’ album, Master Saleem has lent his vocals in the song.

Master Saleem, also known as Saleem Shahzada, is a popular Indian singer who hails from Punjab.

He is well-known for his devotional songs as well as being a playback singer in Bollywood songs like ‘Aahun Aahun’ from Love Aaj Kal (2009), ‘Mast Kalandar’ from Heyy Babyy (2007) and more.

After their tremendous success with the song, ‘Dhol Jageero Da’ (2005), Punjabi MC and Master Saleem have joined forces for their latest song, ‘Tombi’ (2020).

Filmed by Director Whiz and featuring Indian comedian Sukh Ojla and the award-winning dance academy, Dance Bhangra, the retro video perfectly complements the song.

Having provided Bhangra music for almost twenty years, Panjabi MC continues to follow his passion for making new unheard tones. His desire and love for sampling music and fusing sounds is undiminished. He said:

“I’m really loving being in the lab and can’t wait to talk about this album and get feedback.”

Panjabi MC releases upbeat ‘Tombi’ featuring Master Salem - back

The ’56 Districts’ album features a unique mix of fifteen songs including three previously released singles and remixes.

Master Saleem also features on another song in the album titled ‘Kere Pind De’ (2020).

Undoubtedly, Panjabi MC’s music is always ‘dance floor ready’ and you will certainly hear his new track ‘Tombi’ on nights out.

Watch the Video to Tombi


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