Pakistani Man murders Teenage Girlfriend in Greece

It was reported that a 30-year-old Pakistani man allegedly murdered his 17-year-old Greek girlfriend in Athens after a row.

Pakistani Man murders Teenage Girlfriend in Greece f

“Dad, we lost Nicoletta, Sunni killed her."

A Pakistani man went on the run after allegedly murdering his teenage girlfriend in the Athens neighbourhood of Peristeri.

The 30-year-old has been identified as Sunni while his 17-year-old girlfriend was named Nicoletta, a Greek national.

It is believed that the couple had a fight which resulted in Sunni killing the teenager in a fit of rage.

According to friends of the victim, the couple had been together for 10 months and were happy together.

Nicoletta’s friends also said that Sunni was very friendly, making his alleged actions even more shocking.

It was reported that Nicoletta’s body was found in her room.

Her sister texted their father the tragic news.

The message read: “Dad, we lost Nicoletta, Sunni killed her.”

Friends paid tribute by leaving flowers at the scene.

One friend said: “Get the killer, her death is very unfair, sorry I can’t talk anymore.”

He also wrote a message which read:

“Since I will not attend your funeral, my life, I wish you light soil that will cover and strength and courage in your family, watch over us from up there, my angel.”

The girl’s father said his daughter was happy with her relationship, saying:

“She had not complained about this relationship, she said she was happy.”

He said he heard about Nicoletta’s death on the news and a text from his other daughter.

He added: “I heard the news this morning on the news.

“While I was watching, my little daughter sent me a message and wrote ‘Dad we lost Nicoletta, Sunni killed her’, her partner. I was shocked.”

Police said Nicoletta lived with her mother and sister in an apartment. Meanwhile, Sunni was staying with them.

This caused arguments between Nicoletta and her mother, but things never escalated.

Officers have launched a manhunt to find the Pakistani man.

Police are investigating all the potential places where Sunni might have fled to, but so far, they have not been able to trace him.

According to those who know Sunni, he plans to surrender.

The sources say that he plans to tell police that after a heated argument with his girlfriend, he drowned her in a fit of anger before fleeing.

They added that he fled to the suburbs in the north of Greece.

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