Pakistan Fashion Week shines with Catwalk Stars

Pakistan Fashion Week showcased an array of stunning inventions as models transcended to display the creations of numerous designers.

Pakistan Fashion Week shines with Catwalk Stars f

"The designs were crafted to perfection"

Pakistan Fashion Week 2019 was a glamorous event allowing numerous designers to showcase their exquisite creations.

Models graced the ramp arm in arm with their gazes fixated on one another. This romantic display enhanced the dream-like style of the ensembles.

This was added to with the background music which complemented the affection portrayed on the runway.

Designers crafted beautiful pieces which captured the audience’s attention. These elaborate attires consisted of A-line silhouettes, unique cuts to bell-shaped lehengas.

There is no denying how these designs will help reinvent wedding wear.

We explore the stunning collections presented by the designers.

Zainab Chottani

Pakistan Fashion Week shines with Catwalk Stars - Zainab 1

Designer Zainab Chottani opened the show with her collection Khwahish at Pakistan Fashion Week.

Her designs featured the traditional theme, perfect for a bride who wants to stay close to her roots with a modern touch.

The lavish embroidery throughout the pieces consisted of zari, zardozi and gota which elevated the beauty of the attire.

Despite Zainab Chottani showcasing traditional wedding wear, the colour palette was experimental.

For example, one of the outfits comprised of a black velvet off-shoulder blouse.

The embroidered multi-coloured lacework on the sleeves complemented the vibrant colours in the skirt.

The voluminous skirt entailed geometric patterns in bold colours at the hem. This modern silhouette would be a great option for a modern South Asian bride.

Pakistan Fashion Week shines with Catwalk Stars - Zainab 2

The beauty of Zainab Chottani’s Khwahish collection was that the pieces can be toned down and worn again as a wedding guest.

The traditional, quirky and fun collection has something to suit everyone’s style.

Huma Adnan

Pakistan Fashion Week shines with Catwalk Stars - Huma 1

Huma Adnan showcased her collection Darwaish along with her bespoke jewellery line at the event.

This collection aimed to provide a spiritual and dreamy outlook and successfully achieved this.

The alluring resham combined the crystal aari, lace, classic thread work and zardozi created bewitching ensembles.

Her collection consisted of gowns with mirror work, tassels, intricate embellishment to create the ultimate fusion of tradition with a contemporary twist.

Pakistan Fashion Week shines with Catwalk Stars - Huma 2

The designer graced the ramp with a compilation of oranges, mustards and bold purple ensembles.

There is no doubt these stunning pieces can be worn by brides, wedding guests or to a formal occasion. The Darwaish collection is ideal for the fashion-forward thinkers.

Despite Huma Adnan not being present on the night, Darian Arky and Noor Zafar Khan closed the show on the designer’s behalf.

Nauman Afreen

Pakistan Fashion Week shines with Catwalk Stars - Nauman 1

Nauman Afreen notably designed Prince William’s outfit on his first-ever trip to Pakistan.

In this instance, for the event he displayed his collection Uraan which was inspired by the bond between a father and son.

The idea of the father having to let go of his son as he embarks on his journey of marriage is not widely spoken about.

This refreshing concept was a delight to see on the runway.

Pakistan Fashion Week shines with Catwalk Stars - Nauman 2

Nauman Arfeen creates outfits for both brides and grooms. His colour range consisted of pale green, muted gold and maroon.

The intricate embellishment on the pieces was mesmerising, with bird motifs on numerous kurtas.

It was evident his collection was well thought with amazing craftsmanship showcased in each ensemble.

To reflect this inspiration, showstoppers were father and son duo, Naseem and Ali Abbas. They portrayed their love for one another in a long embrace on the ramp.

Saba Asad

Pakistan Fashion Week shines with Catwalk Stars - Saba 1

Limitless by Saba Asad saw a spectacle of attires handcrafted with zari, zardozi, Swarovski crystals woven through pearls and gota.

The ensembles ranged from gowns to lehengas. Despite not being worn by traditional brides these outfits would work for a bride not afraid to experiment.

Pakistan Fashion Week shines with Catwalk Stars - Saba 2

Saba Asad opted for a muted colour palette with predominantly pastel pinks and blues with exception of black.

On the night, Shaneira Akram was the showstopper and she sported a quirky look of a lehenga with joggers and trainers.

Shiza Hasan

Pakistan Fashion Week shines with Catwalk Stars - Shiza 1

Designer Shiza Hasan presented her collection Talea on the ramp.

Shiza stated her designs were created for the “regal yet enthralling bride with a smile on her face.”

Her compilation of unique cuts and styles are not associated with conventional bridal wear. However, they would certainly leave a bride smiling on her big day.

Pakistan Fashion Week shines with Catwalk Stars - Shiza 2

The inclusion of asymmetrical cuts, panels, culottes and frills brought stylistic reinvention to the ramp.

The collection boasted an array of colours from fuchsia pink, peaches to reds with stunning 3D embellishment.

There is no denying the innovative and captivating beauty of the Talea collection.

SFK Bridals

Pakistan Fashion Week shines with Catwalk Stars - SFK 1

This had to be the most dream-like compilation during the Pakistan Fashion Week.

Models transcended on the ramp hand in hand staring lovingly into each other’s eyes.

The Adam & Eve collection included lehengas and salwar kameez. The designs were an epitome of elegance and grace with the collection focusing on pastels, white, red, gold and grey.

Pakistan Fashion Week shines with Catwalk Stars - SFK 2

SFK’s Adam & Eve collection was a strong portrayal of a traditional bride with a modern twist.

His creations were embellished with beadwork and crystals which heightened the appeal of the ensembles.

Showstoppers Hania Amir and Feroz Khan walked the ramp with their eyes fixated on each other.

This display of affection enhanced the idea of a loved-up bride and groom.

Ayesha Ibrahim

Pakistan Fashion Week shines with Catwalk Stars - Ayesha Ibrahim 1

Ishq-e-Raag by Ayesha Ibrahim oozed grandeur and luxury. The collection followed a strict colour palette of silvers, ivories and pinks.

Despite this rare phenomenon of a designer limiting her range to precise colours, Ayesha successfully kept her creations alluring.

The designs consisted of extravagant lehengas, trouser suits, sarees and gowns.

Pakistan Fashion Week shines with Catwalk Stars - Ayesha Ibrahim 2

The intricate embellishment throughout the body of the outfits was enhanced by the lavish dupattas.

Frills, beadwork and ruffles added to the overall look of the ensembles. The traditional designs with modern silhouettes were a match made in heaven.

Deepak Perwani

Pakistan Fashion Week shines with Catwalk Stars - Deepak 1

To end the night, Deepak Perwani presented his collection Shalimar Bridals inspired by Shalimar Gardens and Mughal courts.

Bringing together nostalgia with a sense of modernity the heavily embellished ensembles were breathtakingly beautiful.

The vibrant unexpected colours on traditional silhouettes lit up the Pakistan Fashion Week runway.

Pakistan Fashion Week shines with Catwalk Stars - Deepak 2

Deepak ensured each piece was heavily crafted with stones, pearls and floral embroidery.

Each design was sent out in pairs, twirling, arm in arm bringing romance to life as models handed roses out to the audience.

The extravagance and grandeur was a precedent theme for the bridal show at Pakistan Fashion Week.

All the designers ensured the designs were crafted to perfection. A wedding is one of the most special days in everyone’s lives and looking your best is a must.

Each design on the runway encapsulated romance in their unique style. There is no doubt Pakistani silhouettes are the reigning wedding wear.

Ayesha is an English graduate with an aesthetic eye. Her fascination lies in sports, fashion and beauty. Also, she does not shy away from controversial subjects. Her motto is: “no two days are the same, that is what makes life worth living.”

Images courtesy of Talking Point.

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