Naima Khan faces Backlash for Publicly Fat-Shaming Women

Pakistani television actress Naima Khan has come under fire for publicly fat-shaming women and girls, making the revelation on a talk show.

Naima Khan faces Backlash for Publicly Fat-Shaming Women f

"I get uncomfortable whenever I see someone fat."

Pakistani actress Naima Khan has become embroiled in controversy for publicly shaming overweight women and girls.

The veteran TV star made the remarks on the morning talk show Good Morning Pakistan.

Naima had been speaking about her weight loss struggles.

She explained that she gained weight due to Hypothyroidism.

But while talking about her weight loss, Naima then revealed that she publicly shames overweight women, saying they make her feel “uncomfortable”.

She said: “I get uncomfortable whenever I see someone fat.”

Naima went on to say that because of her blunt remarks, women and girls do not like her. But she compares them to “aunties”.

She continued: “Though young girls are against me, I reply to them that I thought you are an aunty standing there.

“You should look like a girl.”

On the talk show, Naima stated that young girls should take care of their bodies so they can prevent health issues like blood pressure and diabetes.

Her remarks caused outrage, with many social media users criticising Naima for her insensitivity.

One person said that weight gain in women is sometimes due to hormonal issues, writing:

“This aunty should know that a lot of young girls are dealing with hormonal issues that cause weight gain.”

Another said: “Some people out there have serious hormonal issues, they are not fat by choice.”

A netizen stated that Naima should keep such opinions to herself as they will potentially hurt a lot of people.

“I think it’s her point of view, which is fine.

“However, it is totally wrong to say these kinds of comments to anyone because you never know what someone is going through.

“So if your words don’t make any difference other than making them feel bad, kindly keep them to yourself.”

One person criticised the host for agreeing with Naima’s opinion. The user suggested that celebrities should take etiquette classes.

Now, Naima Khan’s daughter has come out in defence of her mother.

She admitted that her mother’s choice of words were poor, but said Naima is part of a generation that is “learning and unlearning things”.

Her daughter said: “My mother is in her fifties, a generation that is constantly learning and unlearning things.

“My mother realised that these remarks hurt sentiments and she even apologised.

“People who genuinely know her know she is very encouraging and supportive but yes, these were a poor choice of words and I am sorry about that and so is she.

“Please know she is in her fifties, this generation is in a process of understanding that what they grew up with was wrong and they are also trying to break the cycle.”

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