Kangana Ranaut Publicly shares Negative Covid-19 test Report

As a result of online trolls accusing her negative Covid-19 test to be fake, Kangana Ranaut publicly shared her report on Instagram as proof.

Kangana Ranaut told to Apologise for Farmers' Protest tweets f

“All the demons who are asking for my report"

Kangana Ranaut has shared her negative Covid-19 test report on Instagram.

The Bollywood actress recently contracted the virus but has since recovered, and tested negative on Tuesday, May 18, 2021.

She also shared a video on how she recovered so quickly, which she also posted to her Instagram.

However, people were quick to question the legitimacy of her negative test result.

Therefore, Ranaut hit back with proof, in the form of her official report from the lab.

Kangana Ranaut posted the report to her Instagram story, proving to the world that she has in fact tested negative.

She also referred to those who asked for proof as “demons”.

Kangana Ranaut publicly shares negative Covid-19 test report - story

Taking to her Instagram story, alongside an image of the report, Ranaut wrote:

“All the demons who are asking for my report because they see the world as a projection of their interior, here it is…

“A Ram bhakt never lies…Jai Shri Ram.”

Kangana Ranaut felt the need to prove that her recent Covid-19 test came back negative, despite releasing a video explaining how one can beat the virus.

In her message, uploaded on Tuesday, May 18, 2021, Ranaut revealed that she was asked not to say anything about it as it would offend Covid-19 “fan clubs”.

Kangana Ranaut constantly makes headlines for making controversial comments on social media.

Twitter recently decided to permanently suspend her account as a result of “repeated violation of Twitter rules”.

As a result, Ranaut now uses Instagram to voice her opinions.

However, the actress has also revealed that she is waiting to be banned from Instagram too.

She has already had a post deleted by the platform, which revealed her initial Covid-19 diagnosis.

Since then, she claimed that Instagram lacked human values.

She also said that having the platform delete her account would be “a badge of honour”.

She took to her Instagram story on May 10, 2021, to slam the platform, saying:

“On Instagram, everybody is a victim of capitalisation an entire generation of youth eaten up by the termite of capitalism and consumerism.

“Their indifference and disdain for the nation and its crisis is appalling, lack of human values empathy and nationalism makes them ugly shallow and useless.

“The platform never appealed to me and I am eagerly waiting to be banned here, it will be a badge of honour.”

Ranaut went on to talk about how her asking questions made the platform uncomfortable, and she will remember how she did not fit in.

On the work front, Kangana Ranaut is due to appear in Thalaivi.

Thalaivi was due for release in April 2021. However, its release has been delayed due to India’s ongoing Covid-19 crisis.

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Image courtesy of Pinkvilla

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