The Kapil Sharma Show refuses to promote The Kashmir Files?

The Kapil Sharma Show has come under fire after the show’s makers allegedly refused to promote The Kashmir Files.

The Kapil Sharma Show refuses to promote The Kashmir Files f

"They refused to call us on their show"

Social media users have expressed their anger at The Kapil Sharma Show after the makers allegedly refused to promote the new film The Kashmir Files.

The film stars Mithun Chakraborty and Anupam Kher and is about the exodus of Kashmiri Hindus in the 1990s due to the Kashmir Insurgency.

Director Vivek Agnihotri was asked by a fan to promote his upcoming film.

He explained that it is not up to him when it comes to promoting the film on The Kapil Sharma Show.

When another fan stated that he would love to see the film’s promotion on The Kapil Sharma Show, Vivek said the makers refused to call him.

He said: “They refused to call us on their show because we don’t have a big commercial star.”

The filmmaker’s allegations angered social media users who have now demanded “the boycott of Kapil Sharma”.

One person said: “Kapil Sharma is circus master of Bollywood.

“He is not serious about national issues. He is abusing and insulting poor people in the show for making money.

“No civilised society will allow his hypocrisy. He can not understand the pain of Genocide. Jai Hind.”

Another angry person wrote: “Boycott Kapil Sharma show.

“Anyways… I have said earlier also… this show is worth nothing.”

A third said: “So according to Kapil Sharma team, The Kashmir Files movie stars are not big enough (commercially).

“So that is why this comedian Kapil Sharma has refused to invite them.”

One person pointed out that Anupam Kher is an established actor, writing:

“Kapil Sharma may have forgotten that Anupam Kher is a National Award winner.”

Another user brought up the topic of nepotism.

“Is The Kapil Sharma Show only to promote star kids. Such a shame.”

The controversy has led to #KapilSharmaShow and #BoycottKapilSharma to trend on Twitter.

But it is not the first time that the show has been embroiled in controversy.

There had been claims that Akshay Kumar refused to appear on an upcoming episode of The Kapil Sharma Show after a deleted segment from a previous appearance was leaked.

A source had said: “Akshay took all of Kapil’s jokes head-on but the dig on the PM interview seemed to mock the dignity of such a high office.

“So Akshay requested the channel to not air that question.

“It is a right of the guests to make such a request as the show is not live.

“The channel agreed, but the said scene was leaked on the internet soon after.

“It was a breach of trust on the part of someone in Kapil’s team, and Akshay sought a clarification before he appears on the show again.”

This led Kapil Sharma to issue a statement, saying he called Akshay to resolve matters.

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