Amrita Rao & RJ Anmol secretly Married in 2014

Amrita Rao and her husband RJ Anmol revealed that they actually married in 2014, not in 2016 as they publicly stated.

Amrita Rao & RJ Anmol secretly Married in 2014

"Anmol said let's get married."

Amrita Rao and RJ Anmol have revealed that they tied the knot in 2014 in a secret wedding, not in 2016 as they have frequently told the public.

In a video on their YouTube channel, the couple said they had a secret wedding in 2014.

This was done to ensure that the wedding news did not affect Amrita’s acting career.

But Anmol explained that he asked Amrita to marry him on numerous occasions prior to their secret wedding but she refused.

Anmol said that after Amrita landed three big films and he became a host for a sports show, he asked her to marry him.

However, Amrita refused.

Amrita stated that afterwards, her film offers failed to lift off.

In 2012, she ended up working in films such as Lolly LLB, Satygrah and Singh Sahab the Great.

Amrita said: “I was on a high again and Anmol said let’s get married.

“I said things are getting back on track, these films will release, I am now looking for even bigger films. If I got married, this news might just affect my career severely.”

She admitted that she was nervous about the media dismissing her as irrelevant after her wedding.

Anmol came up with the idea of a secret wedding.

He said:

“I thought that if we can keep our affair a secret for 4-5 years, can we not hide our marriage too.”

Amrita supported the idea but revealed that she and Anmol could not invite their cousins to the wedding because everything had to be hidden from the media.

The pair then revealed that they actually married on May 15, 2014, not in 2016 as previously believed.

Amrita and Anmol stated that they will share pictures and details from their wedding in the next video.

Amrita Rao previously spoke about keeping their relationship quiet and how a secret hotel tryst during Holi went wrong.

The actress said she wanted to try bhang, so she and Anmol secretly checked into a hotel.

Once in their room, Anmol quickly finished his drink while Amrita hardly touched her glass because she did not like the taste.

When he did not feel any after-effects, Anmol downed Amrita’s drink as well. He later fell asleep.

But when Anmol woke up, his “body felt lifeless”.

Anmol asked Amrita to help him up, telling her that his heart was beating very fast.

At this point, he made her call his doctor, who advised him to drink plenty of water and try to throw up.

But when this was to no avail, the doctor said he was severely dehydrated and told him to go to hospital.

Because the couple did not want their relationship to become public at the time, Anmol left by himself. He asked his sister Ankita Sood to pick Amrita up.

On the incident, Amrita Rao said: “I was feeling so sleazy, I can’t tell you.

“I was like, ‘My God, I am stuck in a hotel room all alone.’ Anmol wasn’t there, he had to go to the hospital.”

Anmol explained that he flagged down an autorickshaw and made his way to the hospital where he was put on an IV drip.

He said that he had to lie to his parents, claiming that he was staying at a friend’s house.

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