Akshay Kumar refuses to go on The Kapil Sharma Show?

It seems that all is not well between Akshay Kumar and Kapil Sharma, with reports that the actor has refused to appear on the comedian’s show.

Akshay Kumar refuses to go on The Kapil Sharma Show f

"Akshay requested the channel to not air that question."

It has been reported that there is a tiff between Akshay Kumar and Kapil Sharma, with the actor apparently refusing to appear on The Kapil Sharma Show to promote his film, Bachchan Pandey.

The film is set to release on March 18, 2022.

Reportedly, it all started when Akshay appeared on The Kapil Sharma Show.

During the show, Kapil asked Akshay about an interview he did with a “famous personality”.

Kapil supposedly alluded to an interview that Akshay did with Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Akshay went on to challenge Kapil to openly name the personality. However, the comedian tried to change the subject.

This exchange is believed to be the reason for the friction.

According to a source, once filming was over, Akshay demanded the segment to be deleted as it made fun of the PM’s time in office.

Akshay was reportedly upset after a clip of the segment was leaked.

The source told Hindustan Times:

“Akshay took all of Kapil’s jokes head-on but the dig on the PM interview seemed to mock the dignity of such a high office.

“So Akshay requested the channel to not air that question.

“It is a right of the guests to make such a request as the show is not live.

“The channel agreed, but the said scene was leaked on the internet soon after.”

“It was a breach of trust on the part of someone in Kapil’s team, and Akshay sought a clarification before he appears on the show again. “

This reportedly led to Akshay refusing to appear on a new episode of the show to promote Bachchan Pandey.

Filming of the episode featuring all of the cast has now been postponed.

The source added: “Hope all is sorted between Akshay and Kapil soon, otherwise the film’s promotion suffers, and the fans of the banter between the two continue to miss the fun.”

The reports led Kapil Sharma to take to Twitter to inform his fans that he phoned Akshay Kumar to sort out the issues.

He tweeted: “Dear friends, was reading all the news in media about me and Akshay paji.

“I have just spoken to paji and sorted all this, it was just a miscommunication, all is well and very soon we are meeting to shoot Bachchan Pandey episode.

“He is my big bro and can never be annoyed with me, thank you.”

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