Nadia Khan says it’s ‘easier for Men to have Affairs’

Nadia Khan shared her views on the rising divorce rate and claimed it is easy for men to find ways to satisfy their temptations.

Nadia Khan says it's 'easier for Men to have Affairs' f


“There are houses, apartments, dating spots and even applications"

When speaking about Pakistan’s rising divorce rate, Nadia Khan claimed it is easy for men to find ways to satisfy their temptations.

During a podcast with Hafiz Ahmed, the television presenter was asked why she believes divorce is on the rise in Pakistan.

Nadia replied: “I think people are quite disloyal in these times.

“In the 1990s if a man had to even approach women, it used to be a huge hassle for him.

“Like going up to women to give their number and just hoping she calls them back.

“Now, there is so much exposure between men and women that husbands don’t pay heed to their wives at home anymore.

“She is always looking after the children at home and is stressed with household work and they find that ‘boring’.”

Nadia then explained how modern society has made it easier for people to have extramarital affairs. She continued:

“In this era, it’s much easier for men to find ways to satisfy their temptations.

“There are houses, apartments, dating spots and even applications online that have made the process so simple.

“Honestly, it’s man’s nature too but the new generation has no morale.

“Even I know a few women who are involved with married men and that makes me so unhappy.

“How is it so easy for them to cheat and lie to both partners? Having secret marriages and affairs behind their wives’ backs, I mean there should be a limit to it.”

Nadia Khan went on to call out women who choose to get involved with married men.

She said: “I get upset at the women who knowingly get involved with such men.

“If you know someone is committed, then it’s a ‘no go’ zone.

“I suppose women play a part too, especially due to the greed for money and a stable man.

“For men though, it’s become easier to fool around.

“I think when society makes the path easier, eventually it will lead to more sin among people.”

However, Nadia was sure to point out how women have more financial independence now and support which helps them become self-sufficient in times of crisis.

She also highlighted how there are more financially secure women, thus more married women are opting for divorce if they are unhappy.

“Another reason for the rampant divorce is the financial independence women have nowadays.

“At first, when a woman thought of separating she had many hurdles and was dependent on the men in her family.

“But now if women wish to part ways, they can take care of themselves.”

Ilsa is a digital marketeer and journalist. Her interests include politics, literature, religion and football. Her motto is “Give people their flowers whilst they’re still around to smell them.”

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