Ranbir Kapoor ‘throws’ Fan’s Phone

In a viral video, Ranbir Kapoor appeared to throw a fan’s phone when he tried to take a picture with the actor. But is it what it seems?

Ranbir Kapoor 'throws' Fan's Phone f


"this is a new type of fling even for him."

A viral video shows Ranbir Kapoor appearing to throw a fan’s phone.

The clip shows the actor with a fan, smiling and posing for a selfie.

The fan takes a few pictures but seems unhappy with the way they turned out so he takes more photos.

Ranbir’s smile soon turns to apparent annoyance and he asks the fan if he was done.

However, when he tries to get the perfect one again, the actor asks for his phone and casually throws it away.

The video went viral and was shared multiple times.


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Many social media users complained about Ranbir’s behaviour and called for him to apologise.

Others pointed out that since Ranbir is a public figure, he should pay more attention to how his actions would be seen by his fans and the wider public.

One fan commented: “I thought Ranbir was the most chilled superstar that we have got, he never misbehaved with anyone.

“What happened to him? I guess the stress of family responsibilities and all maybe.”

Another tweeted: “Ranbir Kapoor is known for his flings. Now, this is a new type of fling even for him.”

One person believed Ranbir Kapoor is out of touch while another social media user stated that he has shown his “arrogance” with the fan interaction.

The viral video led to the hashtag #AngryRanbirKapoor trending on Twitter.

Although the video has received thousands of views, many said the incident was part of a scripted shoot for a phone brand.

One user commented: “It’s an advert, don’t mislead people.”

Another said: “He wants to get him a better phone!”

A third said: “Ranbir’s an actor so he’s acting here for an advert promotion.”

One person wrote: “A video is going viral in which Ranbir Kapoor throws a fan’s mobile when he is taking a selfie.

“Just to clear this out, this is an ad shoot going viral because of the unique promotion campaign, so please don’t spread unnecessary hate, think twice before tweeting.”

One person urged others not to spread false information, writing:

“Brother, this is an ad shoot brother! Put the caption correctly, why do you mislead such people!!”

Despite being part of an ad campaign, the video sparked a wider debate about how celebrities interact with their followers.

Although celebrities have a right to privacy, many have pointed out that they also owe their audience courtesy and respect.

On the work front, Ranbir Kapoor will next be seen in Tu Jhoothi Main Makkaar. The film is scheduled to be released on March 8, 2023.

Ilsa is a digital marketeer and journalist. Her interests include politics, literature, religion and football. Her motto is “Give people their flowers whilst they’re still around to smell them.”

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