Model caught Racially Abusing Asian Doorman

A 24-year-old model faces a police investigation after being caught ranting racial abuse towards an Asian club doorman in Warwickshire.

Model Caught Racially Abusing Asian Doorman - f

“He stole my f****** stuff, the little p***."

Warwickshire Police have launched an investigation after video footage of a model racially abusing an Asian doorman at a Leamington bar went viral.

The woman in the footage has been named as Natasha Williams, a 24-year-old underwear model.

The incident occurred outside The Clink Cellar Bar in Warwick Street in Leamington town centre and saw an Asian doorman subjected to a racist tirade.

Natasha Williams was furious when she was stopped from re-entering the bar on Boxing Day night.

The model thought someone had stolen her handbag and subjected the doorman to racial abuse, who would not let her back in due to her drunken state.

The four-second clip, which went viral when it was posted on Instagram, shows the model’s boyfriend calling her “darling” as he tries to calm the situation down.

Natasha Williams ignores her boyfriend and shouts:

“He stole my f****** stuff, the little p***.”

Watch the Video. Warning – Explicit Language

A neighbour explained that her handbag had been found and put behind the bar and that the matter had “all been resolved on the night”.

He added: “She was very drunk.”

It is unclear if the incident occurred on Boxing Day night or in the early hours of December 27, 2021.

A spokesman for Warwickshire Police said: “We were contacted at 4.06 pm on Monday 27 December by a third party, to a report of racial abuse in a video which had been seen online.

“The video is believed to have been filmed outside a bar on Warwick Street, Leamington, between 26 December and 27 December, and involves an individual using racist language towards a man.”

The model’s father angered social media users as he appeared to make excuses for his daughter’s remarks.

He said: “She thought she had lost her handbag and she was panicking and they weren’t letting her back into the pub.

“Now she has had threats of physical violence and she’s almost certainly lost her job. She is frightened to death and it seems unfair.

“This is a girl out for a drink, she’s drunk, she’s upset that she’s lost her handbag and now it’s being made into something it isn’t.

“We all say those sort of things from time to time, it’s just a shame somebody filmed her.”

“She’s a lovely girl, very warm and this is totally out of character but she’s panicking about losing her handbag.

“They wouldn’t let her back in and she got extremely angry because her phone was in there and her boyfriend’s car keys.”

Sunny Araf, the proprietor of Birmingham-based ISA Support Services, said there had been a recent rise in racist attacks on security staff.

He said: “Throughout the pandemic, our teams have been working around the clock to make sure members of the public can go about their daily lives in a safe and controlled environment.”

“Unfortunately we have seen a rise in racist attacks against members of the security industry who are simply trying to do their jobs.

“This behaviour will not be tolerated and claiming to be drunk is no excuse.”

Ravinder is a Journalism BA graduate. She has a strong passion for all things fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. She also likes to watch films, read books and travel.

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