Minal Khan & Ahsan Mohsin Ikram welcome a Baby Boy

Minal Khan and her husband Ahsan Mohsin Ikram have welcomed a baby boy, with the actress sharing a short announcement.

Minal Khan & Ahsan Mohsin Ikram welcome a Baby Boy f

"Welcome to the mummy’s club and sleepless nights!"

On November 1, 2023, Minal Khan and Ahsan Mohsin Ikram revealed that they had become proud parents to a baby boy.

Minal shared a short statement of the happy news.

It read: “On November 1st, at 10:48 AM, we joyfully welcomed our beloved son shine, Muhammad Hasan Ikram into the world.”

The news was also shared by Minal’s twin sister Aiman and the post has received many messages of congratulations.

One comment read: “Congratulations! May Allah bless Muhammad Hasan with health, happiness and prosperity.”

Another read: “Congratulations! Welcome to the mummy’s club and sleepless nights! But it’s all worth it! Lots of hugs and kisses to the baby and mummy.”

One user wrote: “Masha’Allah many congratulations. Lots of prayers for the baby and parents.”

Minal and Ahsan announced their pregnancy in August 2023 with a photoshoot.

Minal was dressed in a black sleeveless dress cradling her baby bump and in one photograph, Ahsan was captured resting his head on her shoulder.

Another photo showed the couple looking down at the baby bump and making a heart sign with their hands, whilst a third photograph showed the couple holding hands as Ahsan planted a kiss on Minal’s forehead.

The couple became the first in Pakistan to announce their pregnancy and appear on the front page of the magazine Hello Pakistan.


But despite the good news, Minal and Ahsan were trolled for their public announcement and Minal was labelled shameless for sharing such intimate photographs.

Several individuals blamed Ahsan for allowing the images to be shared and that the photos should have been kept private.

One person said: “Shameless. Her husband is more shameless than her who is posing with her.”

Another comment read: “Have some shame, how much will you fall for money?

“There is a line for shamelessness and you have crossed it.”

One individual compared Minal Khan to her twin Aiman.

Social media users said that when Aiman was pregnant she did not flaunt her bump and every time she was photographed she wore appropriate clothing that had a loose fit.

Amidst the negativity, there was a handful of fans who came to Minal’s defence and asked people to refrain from posting horrible comments and instead pray for a safe pregnancy and delivery.

One comment read: “Please stop spreading negativity on her post. If you don’t like it, unfollow and ignore. No need to spew hatred on her happy post.

“She will go to her own grave and you will not join her there.

“Her life, her decisions.”

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