Man aged 54 jailed for Paying 17-year-old Girl £200 for Sex

54-year-old Martin Gupta, a user of prostitutes, has been jailed after he paid £200 to a girl aged 17 to have sex with him.

Martin Gupta jailed for Paying 17-year-old Girl £200 for Sex ft

"You treated her with utter contempt, as an object for your own satisfaction"

Balckburn based, Martin Gupta, aged 54, received a three-year jail sentence after he was convicted of paying a 17-year-old girl £200 to have sex with him.

In the area, Gupta lives in, he has a reputation for using prostitutes. However, in this instance, in 2018, he approached the younger sister of a sex worker he regularly met for sex, who offered her services on Facebook.

At his trial, the court heard that Gupta communicated with the teenage girl, who cannot be named for legal reasons, and coerced her to come to his house.

He said to her that it will be “easy money” and the work would not be longer than 25 minutes.

The young girl only agreed to do it for the money he was offering her. However, what she did not know was that Gupta had intentions to film the sexual act with her.

The girl’s sister took her to Gupta’s house and waited in her car outside while she went to see him. The sister told the girl to remain in communication with her via text if she needed her.

Once she arrived at the doorstep of his house on Manor Road in Blackburn, Gupta invited her in.

Once she was inside his home, she expressed to Gupta that she was not very comfortable, however, Gupta, use to having sex with prostitutes, told the teenage girl to “just watch telly” while he had sexual intercourse with her.

However, she had communicated her discomfort to her sister, who rescued her during this first time.

Gupta then met the girl a second time. This time it was for her to pay-off a £40 debt she had with him. He agreed to write it off and paid her £20 for agreeing to have sex again with him.

This resulted in the sisters informing police about Gupta’s antics with the underage girl. He was subsequently arrested.

According to the Lancashire Telegraph, Gupta admitted to the two counts of paying a child for sexual activity with the young girl.

The young girl victimised by Gupta told the police:

“My life is f***ed. I might as well make it more f***ed.”

Her sister described her lifestyle, saying:

“When you don’t have family or friend and there is no-one you can trust, that is just how it is. I want a proper life but what I need and what I have to do are different things.”

Under the illusion that he was ‘helping the teenager out’ the ‘same way’ he helped her sister, Gupta’s sexual offences were not judged lightly in court.

Judge Graham Knowles, told Gupta how he used the girl for his objectification, saying:

“You treated her with utter contempt, as an object for your own satisfaction and nothing else.”

Sentencing Gupta, the judge told him that he was not helping the sisters out in any way and said:

“You genuinely thought you could get what you wanted and you were right.

“Your behaviour towards her was despicable.”

Whilst his sentencing had nothing to do with his sexual encounters with the older sister, Gupta, a carer who worked with people with hearing difficulties, was still jailed to be taught a lesson.

Judge Knowles, giving him a custodial sentence, said:

“You say you have learned your lesson the hard way. Well you haven’t, but you are about to.

“You say you can guarantee this stupid mistake will not be repeated. I don’t know what this ‘stupid mistake’ is.

“Perhaps in your own mind is that if you hadn’t paid a 17-year-old for sex you could carry on as before.”

As well as being jailed for three years concurrently for the two offences, a sexual harm prevention order was also imposed on him by the judge.

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