Pakistani Boy aged 13 gets Engaged to 12-year-old Girl

A 13-year-old boy got engaged to a 12-year-old girl. The union has raised concerns about child marriages in Pakistan.

Pakistani Boy aged 13 gets Engaged to 12-year-old Girl f

"we will continue our schooling as well."

Questions surrounding child marriages in Pakistan were raised after a 13-year-old boy got engaged to a 12-year-old girl.

The pair’s pictures have gone viral on various social media platforms.

According to reports, the unnamed boy expressed an urgent demand to his parents to be formally engaged to the girl.

He asserted that he would end his studies if his wish was not granted.

Despite the ensuing attention and criticism from certain quarters, the young couple remains steadfast in their decision.

They have made a commitment to continue their education even in the midst of their engagement.

Addressing critics, the girl expressed her joy about the engagement and clarified the couple’s dedication to completing their education.

She said: “We are just getting engaged for now, and we will continue our schooling as well.”

Many social media users commented on this bizarre union.

One user commented: “Both of them will change their minds after puberty. You’ll see.”

Another wrote: “These are just temporary feelings, they will pass. It is absurd to choose a life partner at this age.”

Interestingly, many individuals have drawn parallels between this real-life engagement and the themes explored in the popular drama Mayi Ri.

The drama portrayed the intricacies of teenage marriage between a young girl and a boy.

Many people believe that the popularity of the drama Mayi Ri is influencing young children in Pakistan.

They believe that it has led them towards getting married during their teenage years.

Many claim the drama romanticised child marriage more than shunning it.

One person said: “Well, I suppose the people who made Mayi Ri have been successful in influencing their viewers.”

Another wrote: “I knew this was going to happen sooner or later when I watched Mayi Ri.”

The parallels between fiction and reality continue to fuel discussions about the impact of media portrayals on societal behaviours.

This is particularly obvious in the realm of relationships and marriages.

One person criticised: “Shame on the parents for allowing such a thing.”.

Another said:

“This is disgusting, let them stay kids.”

One wrote: “Do they even know what marriage is? I’m sorry but child marriage is wrong, consensual or not.”

However, some defended the engagement.

One of them said: “Marrying young is encouraged in our religion.”

Another stated: “At least they are not boyfriend and girlfriend. They are doing it in a proper manner under parental supervision.”

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