Indian Boy at 14 is a Father after Sex with an 18-year-old Girl

An Indian boy, aged just 14, has become a father after sex with an 18-year-old girl. Police confirmed the news after getting results from paternity tests.

Indian Boy at 14 is a Father after Sex with an 18-year old Girl

The Indian boy made allegations against the 18-year-old.

A 14-year-old Indian boy becomes a father after having sex with an 18-year-old girl. On Friday 24th March 2017, police conducted paternity tests which revealed the news.

They confirmed that the Indian boy, a Standard 8 student, became the father to a baby girl, aged two months. The boy hails from Kerala, roughly 200 kilometres (approx 124 miles) from Thiruvananthapuram.

However, despite being four years older than him, the 18-year-old girl filed a case against him. She claimed that the boy had raped her. Therefore, police took the 14-year-old in for questioning.

Asked about the incident, the Indian boy made allegations against the 18-year-old. He reportedly claimed that she had raped him. Now, Kerala police have filed a new case; this time against the girl.

Police sectioned the case under Sexual Assault. This could potentially see the girl face at least 3 years imprisonment. It could even extend to 5 years, with a fine included. The case is filed under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act (POCSO).

S Jayakrishnan, Kalamassery Circle Inspector, acts as the investigating officer for the shocking case. He said: “We produced the statements in court and on receiving proper legal directions we registered cases.”

Currently, the Indian boy now resides in a new location. He had originally been studying in Kochi.

Many shocking cases similar to this appear to be on the rise. State Crime Records Bureau reported how 1,570 cases became filed against Kerala children in 2016. Out of those cases, 520 included rape.

In addition, the POSCO act seen 1,156 cases becoming registered. Most of the cases came from Malappuram and also Thiruvananthapuram Rural, as they reported 138 and 111 cases respectively.

2015 also witnessed a disturbingly high number of cases filed under the POSCO act. These cases totalled up to 1,569 altogether.

While police have revealed no further information, this case will unsurprisingly shock many.

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