Malaika Arora opens up on Car Accident

Malaika Arora has opened up about her car accident. The actress was involved in an accident in April 2022 on the outskirts of Mumbai.

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"I knew yoga would make a great difference"

Malaika Arora spoke about her car accident, stating that her “body went through a lot of shock”.

The actress revealed that after the accident, she wanted to do yoga as she believed it would make a great difference to her “mental and physical state”.

On April 2, 2022, Malaika was involved in an accident when her Range Rover was caught in a three-vehicle pile-up as she was returning to Mumbai from Pune.

Malaika had been travelling with her driver and bodyguard.

She sustained minor injuries and was taken to Navi Mumbai’s Apollo hospital for treatment.

Malaika was discharged after one day.

Police had mentioned the incident and an FIR was registered after officers investigated how the accident happened.

Police inspector Shirish Pawar from Khopoli Police Station said:

“The accident happened at the 38km point on Mumbai-Pune expressway which is an accident-prone area.

“Three vehicles rammed onto each other and all three vehicles have received damages.

“The motorists drove away immediately after the accident and hence what kind of injuries have been received is not clear.

“We are told that all have received very minor injuries.”

Recalling the incident, Malaika said:

“Without making light of the situation, besides my healing, the one thing I kept asking my doctor was when I could go back to my yoga practice.

“I could not do it immediately. I could only start with basic yoga at the start.

“I knew yoga would make a great difference to my mental and physical state, hence, I kept asking my doctor about it.

“The day my trainer came home and did a class, I was in tears.

“My body went through a lot of shock [post the accident] and needed time to recover.

When I could do 45 minutes to one hour of my yoga class, it made me so happy.

“Today, we are two and a half months since the accident, and I am back to my practice and I am so happy about it. Thank you yoga.”

Malaika Arora previously spoke about the aftermath of the car accident.

“That fateful night – I remember there was a lot of blood around me.”

“My family, Arjun (Kapoor), and everyone had rushed in.

“It was after about a week that I saw myself in the mirror, finally. The scar was right there on my forehead — a stark reminder of what had happened, of the fragility of life.

“It wasn’t vanity that came over me at that time. Yes, vanity is crucial in this business, but it was the fact that this scar is a reminder which will stay where I will see it every day.

“Even though this scar will remind me of what happened, it won’t stop me from getting back to life.

“Sometimes, I still recall that night; I was praying for two things. I didn’t want to die that night, and I didn’t want to lose my eyesight.

“When the accident happened, I’m told I was constantly asking for my mother and my son Arhaan.

“I was mumbling about going back on set on Monday. The accident happened on a Saturday night. I didn’t go back on the Monday after the accident. But in 15 days, I did.”

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