Mahira Khan accused of giving ‘Diplomatic’ Statement on Israel Conflict

Mahira Khan posted a tweet about the Israel-Palestine conflict, however, she was accused of giving a “diplomatic” statement.

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"What do you mean by those?"

Mahira Khan found herself receiving negativity for her tweet on the Israel-Palestine conflict, facing accusations that she was being careful with her words due to her line of work and public status.

The actress wrote: “Prayers for those suffering, those who have lost their children, their entire families.

“Those who do not have homes, those who are in pain every single second, and especially those who are ignorant and misinformed about the suffering around them.

“May the universe be kind to us all.”

Many individuals criticised her for not mentioning Israel or Palestine and stated that if she was going to be diplomatic about the situation, she should not post anything at all.

One asked: “What do you mean by those? Who are these those? And who is causing this to them? Any hashtag at the end??”

Another said: “Diplomatic statement. Political and unsaid about anyone who is at fault and who is suffering.”

But there was one comment in particular that Mahira publicly replied to.

The tweet read: “Mahira cannot risk her future Hollywood contracts guys, that’s why she did not mention Israel. She is stuck.”

However, the message did not sit well with Mahira and she responded to the comment by saying:

“Uh, I call it loud and clear. Sit down. Use your time to pray for Palestine.”

Mahira Khan has been a longtime supporter of Palestine. Just recently, she reposted a story on her Instagram that she had originally posted in 2021.

The post read: “Two years ago, and for many decades before. It continues. The plight of Palestine.”

Despite the negativity on X, Mahira was sent messages of support and was told to ignore the haters.

One fan wrote: “You’re doing great Mahira, continue raising your voice and ignore these bullies.”

Another added: “Don’t give them attention. We all know what you are doing for them.”

A third added:

“You all need to calm down before bashing Mahira for no reason at all. Please check her profile.”

“She is already speaking so much about it, unlike others.”

On many occasions, Mahira Khan has shown her support for Palestine by sharing images and her feelings about the situation.

She recently shared a tweet that was posted by Fatima Bhutto which was an echo of her own feelings.

Fatima had shared a video of a little girl who was struggling to breathe and said:

“The images of these babies will haunt me forever.”

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