LABFRESH creates a Shirt that Never Gets Stained

If you hate washing and ironing shirts, then it’s time to stop worrying. LABFRESH has invented a shirt that never gets stained and needs no ironing.

LABFRESH creates a Shirt that Never Gets Stained

They have designed a stain-free shirt.

Are you a busy professional? Don’t have time to wash and iron your shirt? Then replace all your clothing with this next generation of shirts by LABFRESH.

No-one denies the fact that wearing a crisp, white shirt adds dignity to your handsome looks. But haven’t you ever worried about keeping the shirt fresh and protecting it from stains?

LABFRESH will put an end to all your worries. The team have brought a solution which gives you the freedom to concentrate on your work. They have designed a stain-free shirt.

The Next-Generation Shirt

No more worries if you spilt some wine or coffee on your shirt while talking to a colleague or at a dinner party. No more embarrassment if you work out wearing the LABFRESH shirt and work up a sweat. The shirt will remain fresh.

The shirt has been designed in such a way that it repels anything that comes into contact with. Be it oil, wine, sweat, ketchup etc.

LABFRESH creates a Shirt that Never Gets Stained

The material they use doesn’t let any kind of fluids or sweat blot your shirt. So, the dirt marks on necklines and wet armpits are no more an issue.

The shirt crafted by the team LABFRESH gives you a thrill of wearing a shirt that is odour, stain and crinkle repellent.

The Tech Behind It

‘INDUO’ is the technology they claim to have used in manufacturing this revolutionary product. So, the technology they have used in manufacturing this shirt prevents the fluids or bacteria from sinking into the shirt.

The fabric, combined with the INDUO technology, blocks out any substance that falls onto the shirt. You can wash the stains off easily with no trace of daubs on the shirt.

While designing this ground-breaking product, the team LABFRESH gave equal significance to the sustainability of their product.

LABFRESH might have designed the most stylish attire. But how long will they last?

LABFRESH creates a Shirt that Never Gets Stained

Endless Benefits

Focussing on only one aspect doesn’t make the product unique. And that’s where the team LABFRESH has got the point.

Besides being stain repellent, this shirt lasts long. You can wear it for years.

Kasper, the mastermind behind the product says: “True sustainability is when you wear a shirt for years instead of buying new clothes all the time.”

With this feature, their product is not only a unique one. It also turns out to be an eco-friendly shirt as it eliminates the necessity to buy clothes so often.

The LABFRESH shirt looks like the regular white shirt. But what makes the former stand apart is it remains clean and fresh, even after wearing it for several times. The shirt designer says:

“They don’t need to be ironed like the regular cotton shirts, but however it is recommended it to iron after washing to get a crisp and fresh look.”

“It is like cotton, but better!”

LABFRESH has used a blend of 98% premium cotton and 2% elastane to design this only one of its kind shirt. Creators Lotte Vink and Kasper Brandi says: “It’s impossible to feel the difference between our shirt and the traditional cotton shirt.”


Technology makes anything possible; LABFRESH proves this. A shirt that never stains existed only in dreams and now they made it a reality.

Initially, they are offering only two colours: white and light blue. These shirts are available in all sizes with slim and regular fits.

LABFRESH has been campaigning on Kickstarter, a global crowdfunding platform since January this year. It has come to end recently with the most number of backers from 22 different countries for their product.

Conscious desire to create something different with the ability to utilise the technology drove LABFRESH to create this novel product.

The LABFRESH shirt will give you a thrill of wearing a shirt that never stains.

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Images courtesy of LABFRESH.

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