Indian Woman gang-raped & Paraded through Crowd

In a disturbing incident, an Indian woman was gang-raped and paraded on the streets by the family of a boy she rejected.

Indian Woman gang-raped & Paraded through Crowd f

The victim was then grabbed and forced into a car.

A 20-year-old Indian woman was gang-raped and tortured before she was paraded through a crowd that attacked her.

The shocking incident happened in Delhi.

In addition to being raped and beaten, the victim’s head was shaved and her face blackened with soot before she was dragged through the streets.

It was reported that the gang rape was an act of revenge by the family of a teenage boy who she rejected.

The victim was married and had a three-year-old son.

The woman’s rejection resulted in the teenager taking his own life in November 2021. According to police, the family blamed the woman for their relative’s suicide.

His family had reportedly threatened the woman before, forcing her to move home.

Her sister explained: “[He] fell in love with her.

“He used to keep calling and asking her to leave her husband and be with him. She would always refuse.”

On the day of the incident, the sister was on her way to the victim’s house. But she did not realise she was being followed by four male members of the boy’s family.

The victim was then grabbed and forced into a car.

The woman was allegedly beaten and raped by the men while female family members watched and encouraged them.

Afterwards, the Indian woman was dragged through the street while many locals jeered and some hit the victim.

Some filmed the incident and shared the footage online.

In reaction to the video, women’s rights activist Yogita Bhayana said:

“The incident in Delhi’s Kasturbanagar left me speechless.

“Some women kept walking her around for two hours! All the women involved must be arrested and severely punished.”

Police have now intervened and have arrested 12 family members, including eight women, three minors and one man.

Officers said they expect to arrest more people.

According to locals, the family run a bootleg alcohol business and are feared in the neighbourhood.

In her complaint, the sister said: “These people say that they aren’t scared of policemen.

“They sell liquor and that’s how they run their house.

“I am in danger. They give me death threats. I stay in fear and don’t step out of my house.”

According to the teenage girl, she and her sister received rape threats after the boy’s death.

She also said his family burnt down her father’s rickshaw while her aunt was assaulted.

The girl informed the police, but they did not take action.

She added: “I have called the police two to three times when this happened.

“I went to the Vivek Vihar station and filed a complaint also once. Once the police came and warned the men but nothing happened. I never thought they would do this to us.”

Police also registered cases against two people who have been spreading misinformation about the case.

It falsely claimed that the rape victim had taken her own life.

Another case was filed against the creator of a YouTube video that revealed the rape victim’s identity.

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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