Indian Woman drives 28km with 3 Bullets in Head

A 42-year-old Indian woman from Punjab drove 28 kilometres with three bullets in her head after being shot several times at her home.

Indian Woman drives 28km with 3 Bullets in Head f

Surprisingly, Sumit was not killed or unconscious.

An Indian woman survived multiple gunshot wounds as she drove to a hospital 28 kilometres away with three bullets still lodged in her head.

Sumit Kaur, aged 42, was shot at by her nephew at her home in the city of Sri Muktsar Sahib, Punjab.

It was reported that the shooting was the culmination of an ongoing land dispute.

On Wednesday, January 15, 2020, the young man brandished a gun and fired six times at Sumit and his 65-year-old grandmother Sukhjinder.

Sukhjinder was shot twice in the leg while Sumit suffered three gunshot wounds to her head and one to her jaw.

Following the shocking incident, the suspect fled the scene.

Surprisingly, Sumit was not killed or unconscious. Despite being shot several times, the injured Sumit picked up her mother and put her in the car.

Sumit then drove to a hospital 28 kilometres away. Upon entering the hospital, doctors were shocked to see the Indian woman walking with her mother after being shot in the head.

Sumit and Sukhjinder immediately received treatment and the bullets were successfully removed. Both are fine after the incident.

Doctors were surprised by what they saw. Sumit had three bullets in her skull and one in her neck yet she remained conscious, which is unlikely in most cases.

Meanwhile, police have registered a case against her nephew Kanwarpreet Singh and have begun a search.

Sumit told police that Kanwarpreet lives with his father Harinder Singh. She explained that ever since her divorce, she has been living with her mother.

Sumit had been involved in a land dispute with her brother and his family. As a result, his son Kanwarpreet regularly visited the house.

The day before the attack he stayed at the house.

On January 15, Kanwarpreet asked his grandmother to make tea for him as he had to go to tuition. Sukhjinder got up and went into the kitchen, leaving him alone with Sumit.

He then brandished a pistol, firing several times at Sumit. Sukhjinder went into the room and was subsequently shot.

After the shooting, Kanwarpreet fled, thinking that he had killed his relatives. However, Sumit got up and helped her mother into the car and drove to the hospital.

She revealed that her mother owns 40 acres of ancestral land and that she owns some of it.

Sumit said that Kanwarpreet committed the attack as he and his family wanted the land. Police officers are currently investigating the whereabouts of Kanwarpreet.

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