Indian Police Officer’s Wife made ‘Explicit’ Video of Man

In Madhya Pradesh, the wife of a police officer is accused of making a ‘porn’ video of a man and blackmailing him.

Indian Police Officer's Wife made 'Porn' Videos of Man f

She also threatened to file a rape case against him.

The wife of an Indian police officer allegedly made a sexually explicit video of a man as part of a blackmail plot.

Bhopal Police registered a case against the woman, whose husband is a Bhopal officer.

She threatened to falsely implicate the man in a rape case unless he gives her Rs. 1 Crore (£100,000).

A case has also been registered against another woman and two men.

The victim, named Mukesh Verma, said the woman called him to New Market under the pretext of a birthday party.

The accused has been identified as Sonali Datare.

Sonali turned up with a friend named Aarti Thakur.

The trio booked a room for Rs. 2,500 (£25) and in the afternoon, they began drinking.

According to police, Mukesh was plied with alcohol. After getting drunk, two masked men en

The victim was held hostage and beaten.

Sonali then told Mukesh that she allegedly made a porn video of him and will upload the video online if he fails to give her Rs. 1 Crore.

She also threatened to file a rape case against him.

Mukesh was forced to transfer Rs. 1 Lakh (£1,000) to her account.

Afterwards, the police officer’s wife left the room with her accomplices.

Mukesh called the police. When they arrived, they took him to a hospital for treatment.

He then explained his ordeal.

Khajuri Road Police Station in-charge Sandhya Mishra said that a case was registered against Sonali Datare and Aarti Thakur, and two unknown individuals.

Mukesh was transferred to another hospital and remained there.

On November 17, 2022, he received a call from Sonali, demanding money

Sonali is married to a police officer but it is believed that he is aware of her criminal activities. Due to this, he lives separately.

But she used her connections with other senior officers to file false cases against her husband. He was even dismissed.

He also left Bhopal. After an internal investigation, police found that the allegations were false.

Sonali has been associated with a number of controversies in the past.

Her husband previously accused her of having an affair with former ADG Rajendra Mishra and officer Parasram Dabur.

She also filed a false kidnapping case against three people.

Following the blackmail plot, police are now preparing to build up evidence against Sonali.

Information is being collected from all the police stations to determine how many false cases Sonali has lodged.

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