Indian Man jailed for ‘Not Marrying’ after Sex on Tinder Date

An Indian man from Bengaluru was sent to prison for not marrying a woman he had a one night stand with. Rama Reddy had met the woman through Tinder.

Indian Man jailed for 'Not Marrying' after Sex on Tinder Date f

"It was he who forced me to sleep with him instead."

Indian man Rama Reddy, aged 29, of Bengaluru, was jailed for refusing to marry a woman he had sex with on a Tinder date.

Reddy had matched with the woman on the dating app and they began exchanging messages for approximately a month.

They eventually met and had sex. However, the woman wanted to have a more meaningful relationship and asked Reddy to marry her.

Reddy turned her proposal down and said that he “wasn’t ready for a commitment”.

The woman continued to pursue her lover and Reddy subsequently blocked her on WhatsApp.

This resulted in the unhappy woman filing a police complaint. She alleged that she felt as if she was forced into having sex with Reddy.

According to the police complaint, Reddy invited the woman into his apartment where they had sex. The woman claimed he forced her to sleep with him.

The next day, the woman called Reddy and said that she wanted a more serious relationship and proposed. But Reddy said he did not believe in committed relationships and suggested that they should break up.

After the woman tried to convince Reddy to change his mind, he blocked her.

In her complaint, the woman alleged that he misled her into thinking he wanted a more meaningful relationship than just merely having a physical relationship with her.

The woman told the Bangalore Mirror:

“Our relationship was just one month old. When I met him on Tinder, the accused pretended to be nice and decent but he just wanted a physical relationship with me and had no feelings for me.

“After we had consummated our relationship at his apartment, he said that I forced him to do so. That’s not true. It was he who forced me to sleep with him instead.

“When I proposed marriage, he just declined my proposal saying he was not ready for commitment and also told me not to meet him in the future.

“It was literally the morning after the night before that he was breaking up with. I felt so disgusted that I had been used.”

“One week later when I called him and once again asked if he would marry me, he refused again and blocked my mobile number.

“I had no other option but to file a complaint against him at the police station.”

The woman stated that her case should not happen to other women in the future, stating:

“This type of incident should not be repeated with other people using dating apps.

“Women should not be used as a source of physical pleasure.”

Officers at Whitefield Police Station registered her complaint and arrested the Indian man.

An officer said: “The accused has been taken into custody and will be produced before the court.”

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